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11 Feb 2017

Giorgio Valentinuzzi “Cosa Dici Allla Sera"1981 Italy Private Prog Psych

Giorgio Valentinuzzi “Cosa Dici Allla Sera"1981 Italy Private Prog Psych
Continue our tour in the Italian musical singularity of the past decades in the company of our host, the great Anonymous Benefactor. We deal this time of George Valentinuzzi, multifaceted artist unknown to most people, which churned out as many as 5 album in five years 1981/85. Besides dealing with music, this artist has been involved in many other art forms. To learn more about the career you Valentinuzzi rhyme to his personal website A study on its exquisitely musical career instead is traceable to Musicartisti page. Although there appears that all the lyrics and music of this album were the same Valentinuzzi, patent s.i.a.e. and the tracks are owned by Carlo Barbiera, one of the musicians involved in the recording of the album (curiously this information is given on the inlay of the album, as pictured below). Musically, a real cacophony of rhythms and styles characterizes this album. I walked around for a rapid analysis of the individual tracks, the opening ( "What about the evening") is really appreciable, both text level of musical plots; "I killed a spider" is a dive "reggaeggiante" in no sense, a remarkable and unexpected electric guitar solo in the middle; always on reggae rhythms traveling the following "The party left the usually empty." "Not here," spoken after a false start in Neapolitan, is a blood rockaccio with serratissime bass parts to support the pace; follow-like Gucciniane "Short late summer song" and "They were yesterday our steps". "Song for N.B." is a really nice guitar from blues plots; "Song by a Franco" is a sweet fairy tale sung and is a prelude to the real gem of the album, or the toxic rock mantra "Eroin Anfetamin Cocain", which is also the longest song with its nearly 6 minutes in duration to close the whole.....Verso la Stratosfera........

Bass – Alberto Geatti
Electric Guitar – Sergio Romano
Keyboards – Edi Antoniolo
Percussion – Gigi D'Angelo
Voice – Giorgio Valentinuzzi

A1 Cosa Dici Alla Sera 5:32
A2 Ho Amazzato Un Ragno 4:37
A3 La Festa Ha Lasciato Il Solito Vuoto 6:29
A4 Qui No! 5:15
B1 Breve Canzone Di Fine Estate 2:46
B2 Erano Di Ieri I Nostri Passi 3:46
B3 Canzone Per N.B. 5:55
B4 Canzone Da Un Franco 4:00
B5 Eroin Cocain Anfetamin 6:00 

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