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16 Feb 2017

Grasland "Echt Null" 1981 Private Germany Kraut Rock

Grasland  "Echt Null" 1981 rare Private Germany Kraut Rock

According to a seller's comments documented on Aga's DB these were an "Amazing German heavy progressive rock with killer organ/fuzz guitar breaks. Very long tracks, with a rough local unpolished early-1970´s Krautrock sound" which is not at all the case, as there are eight tracks in all with the longest at 7 minutes! And I wonder where the "killer organ/fuzz guitar breaks" are? All way over-the-top hype if you ask me. According to "Rock City 1982" we have a much more accurate write-up which says they are a Berlin melodic rock band with German vocals. It documents Grasland as: Michael Bister (drums, vocals), Peter Dircks (keyboards), Klaus Leydick (bass), Marcel Röse (guitar, vocals). 

The band's LP debut ECHT NULL has pretty much the same band, but with a different bassist. It's not one of the most exciting of records, although it is definitely in the indie Krautrock style, be it a pretty mainstream melodic prog and hard-rock with German vocals. It does have some real nice moments, with the keyboard player attempting to push them in a more symphonic prog direction. But it's all rather rough 'n' ready, with a very home-made sound (in fact they go to lengths on the cover to tell us it was recorded in a spare bedroom at home). So, not amazing, nor really heavy. It's a bit patchy too, but not a bad one. 

Two members: Peter Dircks and Marcel Röse also feature in ............
Extemely rare Krautrock from Berlin. Groovy progressive Rock with long tracks and long instrumental passages, fine leads between.. German lyrics…. 

Acoustic Guitar [A-Gitarren], Electric Guitar [E-Gitarren], Vocals – Marcel Röse 
Drums, Percussion [Nuclear], Vocals – Micky Bister 
Electric Bass [E-Baß, Fretless E-Baß] – Bodo Gaß 
Electric Piano [E-Piano], Synthesizer [Strings-Synthesizer], Vocals – Pepe Dircks 

Grüne Seite 
A1 Owatüri 3:50 
A2 Urlaub 5:35 
A3 Toast 5:16 
A4 Atomkraftlied 6:50 
Lila Seite 
B1 Viele Leute 6:34 
B2 Wir Bleiben Freunde 7:06 
B3 Im Visier 5:11 
B4 Abendrot 4:50

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