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14 Feb 2017

Jacobs Creek "Jacobs Creek" 1969 US Psych Baroque Rock

Jacobs Creek  "Jacobs Creek" 1969 US  Psych Baroque Rock
This Trenton New Jersey band was lead by brothers Lon and Derrek Van Eaton, who previousle played with local garage band The Tree, along with drummer Tim Case and are best-known for the subsequent music they made for The Beatles’ Apple label.

They added guitarist Steve Burgh and singer guitarist Bruce Foster to form Elisium in 1968, which morphed into Jacobs Creek. Basing themselves in New York, they played at Andy Warhole's Factory, opened the Doors and soon signed to Columbia, who placed them with producer Al Lawrence (perhaps best known for his work with Santana).

The quintet's resulting album was issued in August 1969 complete with a lyric insert and touched on pop, rock, country, blues, psychedelia and Folk. With arrangements encompassing electric guitars, horns and sitar, unfortunately the label didn't promote it, and (despite encouranging radio play) didn't sell.

The band continue to play around New Jersey finally splitting in March 1971. Brothers Lon and Derrek Van Eaton put together some home recorded demos as a duo, Apple's manager Tony King liked what he heard and recommended the duo to George Harrisson who arranged for them to singed to Apple in September 1971 and went on to produce their album, Brother, released next year.

Jacob's Creek is an eclectic treat for fans of psychedelia, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here............

Group from Trenton (NJ). Created brothers Lon and Derrek van Eaton, previously played in the band "The Tree". There was also a drummer Tim Case. Taking in 1968 of the guitarists Steve Burgh and Bruce Foster, the newly created group "Elisium" started to work ... After moving to New York, they played "Andy Warhole's Factory", opened the concert "Doors" and soon "assigned" to the label "Columbia", which gave them a producer Al Lawrence, known for his work with the "Santana". The band's name was changed to "Jacobs Creek", the album was released in August 1969. But the label did not promote it to the masses, the sales were not great ... The band returned to New Jersey, where a once performed, but in March 1971, was dissolved. The brothers Van Eaton joined (at the recommendation of Tony King - Manager of the label "Apple Records") to George Harrison, who helped him in 1972 to release the album "Brother" in the "Apple" ... More Lon van Eaton worked with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Dr. John, Harry Nilsson, Carly Simon, Art Garfunkel ........

Jacobs Creek
Lon Van Eaton - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Steve Burgh - Guitars, Organ, Vocals
Derrek Van Eaton - Vocals
Tim Case - Drums
Bruce Foster - Guitar, Banjo, Organ
Steve Mosley - Drums
Guest Musician
Denny Storley - Congas

1 Colors 5:19
Anonymous Verdict Suite (7:17)
2a Jesus' Return
2b Christian Man
Trumpet – Jim Sedlar*
3 Everything's Gonna Be All Right 2:25
4 Coming... The River 5:03
5 Do You Understand 3:08
6 What's Around 3:01
7 A Love Song 2:07
8 Behind The Door 4:06
9 What You Hear
Written-By – Bruce Foster
10 Lonely Fire
Congas – Denny Storley
11 The Circle 6:09
12 Katharine 1:00 

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