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19 Feb 2017

Kathy Dalton "Amazing" 1973 with Little Feat & Van Dyke Parks US Pop,Rock,Soul,Blues

Kathy Dalton  "Amazing" 1973 with Little Feat & Van Dyke Parks US Pop,Rock,Soul,Blues
Kathy Dalton (then Kathy Yesse) was in an earlier band called Daughters of Albion who released a self-titled album in 1968. Below is one song from it, "Hey, You, Wait, Stay." Also featuring the majestic Little Feat as the main backing band, along with Van Dyke Parks, Sneaky Pete & others, superb picture sleeve complete with lyric insert. ........

Released an album called Amazing on DiscReet (DS2168) in October 1973. This was reissued in November 1974 as Boogie Bands & One Night Stands having had the track Long Gone Charlie, Hit & Run replaced by the title track Boogie Bands & One Night Stands (DS 2208). The album was produced by Greg Dempsey and engineered by Kerry McNab. It featured the likes of Lowell George, Van Dyke Parks and Sneaky Pete Kleinow.............

After recorded an album with psychedelic/hippie band (as Kathy Yesse) Kathy Dalton released the solo album Amazing, where she is backed by Little Feat. with guest apperances including Van Dyke Parks, Sneaky Pete, Carl Wilson, Billy Hinsche (of Dino, Desi and Billy) and others. The music is a mixture of country rock, soul and folk rock. The album was reissued in 1974 titled Boogie Bands & One Night Stands with an extra track.....................

Line up

Lowell George Guitars, Moog, Backing Vocals
Paul Barrere Guitars
Bill Payne Keyboards, Director of Horn Section
Sam Clayton Percussions
Kenny Gradney Bass
Richard Hayward Drums

Other Personnels

Greg Dempsey Producer
Van Dyke Parks Horn Arrangement & Backing Vocals
on tracks 2 & 6,
Sneaky Pete Pedal Steel on tracks 2, 4, 5, 9
Clydie King Backing Vocals
Jimmy Gilstrap Backing Vocals
Loulie Jean Norman Backing Vocals on tracks 4, 11
Billy Hinsche (Dino, Desi & Billy) Backing Vocals
Carl Wilson Backing Vocals
Jay Judson Backing Vocals
Tony Martin, Jr. Backing Vocals
Vanilla Grits Backing Vocals
Big John Rayford Horns
Gabriel Flemings Trumpet
Larry Wilson Horns
Jimmy Reed, Jr. Horns
Jay Migliori Reeds
Doctor Eric Hord 12 Strings Guitar on track 4
Stan Ayeroff 6 Strings Guitar on track 6


Long Gone Charlie
Pour Your Wine
Ride Ride Ride
Gypsy Dancer
The Light That Shines
At The Tropicana
I Need You Tonight
Musical Chairs
Cannibal Forest
Midnight Creeper


10/22/73 LP Amazing (DiscReet MS 2168)
02/04/74 7" At The Tropicana / Long Gone Charlie, Hit & Run (DiscReet DIS 1191)
09/02/74 7" Boogie Bands & One Night Stands / Pour Your Wine All Over Me (DiscReet DIS 1210)
09/02/74 7" Boogie Bands & One Night Stands / Pour Your Wine All Over Me (DiscReet DSS 1300)
10/28/74 7" Justine / Midnight Creeper (DiscReet DSS 1313)
11/18/74 LP Boogie Bands & One Night Stands (DiscReet DS 2208)

Kathy Dalton on other recordings:
1968 Daughters Of Albion - Daughters Of Albion ( as Kathy Yesse )
1973 V.A. - All Singing - All Talking - All Rocking (Warner Brothers sampler 2LPs)
[Kathy Dalton - Long Gone Charlie, Hit and Run]
1979 V.A. - Ballroom [Original Broadway Cast]
1984 Van Dyke Parks - Jump! ( w/ Fred Tackett )
1985 V.A. - Tribute To Kurt Weill: Lost In The Stars ( w/ Fred Tackett )
1989 Van Dyke Parks - Tokyo Rose
1995 V.A. - September Songs The Music of Kurt Weill ( Video Canada/Germany 1995 )

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