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7 Feb 2017

Kelly’s Eye ‎ “Tune In - Drop Out “ 1974 UK Psych Folk Rock

Kelly’s Eye ‎ “Tune In - Drop Out “ 1974 UK Psych Folk Rock

Absolutely beautiful psych/folk/rock session that’s a bit of an anomaly for a library as firstly, there aren’t many libraries of this genre. Secondly, this is a fairly consistent listen with only a few throwaways. The stand-out may be “Indian Dream”, a haunting instrumental featuring mainly acoustic guitar, eerie slide guitar, bass, drums with a small flute section towards the end. It was actually comped awhile back for the “Cream of Bosworth” release on Strutt. But that said, there are many other fantastic tracks here such as the wahwah heavy lightly rural tinged rock of “Bandit Country” to the heavy funk-rock of “The Eyes Lament”. Highly recommended………

A1 Finger Lickin’ 2:05 
A2 Root Mean Square 2:31 
A3 Indian Dream 3:45 
A4 Harpin’ Away 2:32 
A5 Bandit Country 3:10 
B1 Scorpio Stomp 3:23 
B2 Migration 1:31 
B3 The Eyes Lament 2:31 
B4 Silver Bird 3:41 
B5 Lemuria 4:15 
B6 Heartbreak Kid 2:47 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..