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12 Feb 2017

Kungens Man “Branna Tid” 2017 Sweden Psych,Space,Kraut Rock

Kungens Man “Branna Tid”  2017 Sweden Psych,Space,Kraut Rock
One of the finest current Swedish bands Kungens Män play a trippy groove along brand of (mostly instrumental) psychedelic jam / space-rock. On the one hand they do great chug-along grooves and rhythms in the Krautrock tradition, whereas on the other hand they show roots and influences from the dawn of Swedish underground rock, not afraid to add local cultural elements into the melting pot. In the music, title and the cover art I’m reminded of 70s greats like Flasket Brinner and Bo Hansson. Maybe that’s coincidental and just part of Swedish culture? Whatever, this is aptly a hot one, full of infectious grooves and with great drives brimming with complexities and solos. Just how we love it!…….. 

Mattias Indy Pettersson: drums (2, 3) 
Hans Hjelm: guitar 
Mikael Tuominen: guitar & vocals 
Magnus Öhrn: bass 
Peter Erikson: synth (1, 2) 
Tomas Bergstrand: guitar (1) 


1. K-rauta 14:30 
2. Ring så spelar vi 12:29 
3. Third War Three 13:21 

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