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27 Feb 2017

La Mosca (The Fly) “Npk 2” 1970 Spain Prog Psych reissued by Guerssen records

La Mosca (The Fly) “Npk 2” 1970 Spain Prog Psych reissued by Guerssen records
full log in first…

“LA MOSCA (The fly ) released his unique album in 1970, sung in perfect English. Musically is psychedelic rock, sometimes groovy, sometimes soft, always very well executed and with great Hammond organ work along withfantastic guitar and vocals. All tracks are written by the band (though signed by Alfonso Sainz - Pekenikes -who was not in the group but was the producer) and include the terrific ” Once upon a time’’ , an incredible six minute psychedelic dancer, as well as the Hammond instrumental “ Dreamy sleeper” and the cool soft psych track “ Warning signals” among others" …Studio Band features Ray Gomez and his brother Jean Pierre, Bob Thackaway and the drummer Matt………..

Somebody definies it ‘psychedelic rock’, others 'heavy progressive’, anyway a very nice record of the spanish rock scene, dominated by the guitar and the organ. Unfortunately there is not line up and we can only get to know that the tracks are all composed by Pekenikes and A. Sainz…………..

Libre = Free
Chemin De Fer
Dormilon = Dreamy Sleeper
Pajaro Amarillo Volando = Yellow Flying Bird
Erase Una Vez = Once Upon A Time
Señal De Peligro = Warning Signals 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..