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23 Feb 2017

La Pentola Di Papin ‎ “Zero-7” 1977 Italy Prog Rock

La Pentola Di Papin ‎ “Zero-7” 1977 Italy Prog Rock
Long since forgotten gem from the late 70's Ital-Prog scene with some beautiful melodies and colorful character. In many ways this album is reminiscent of the best work of PFM with the addition of loads of scrumptious fuzz guitar. This quartet juxtapose classical keyboard arrangements with a heavy dose of Progressive elements characteristic of this region during this time. "Zero - 7" features some strong keyboard work with organ, mellotron, moog and piano to boot! Sonically this well preserved but aged recording offers some wonderful stereo panning and grand speaker separation. IMHO I would rank this right up there with the classics of this era... An essential album my friends. Do not stop... do not pass go... go directly to loserboy ........

Album of 1977, this "Zero 7", the group La Pentola Di Papin, whose members came from the area of ​​Sondrio, came definitely out of time in the history of the Italian progressive rock, seen especially the sounds that pervade it, which attract directly and, to be honest, not too original of the classic prog golden years. Nothing new under the sun, then. Precisely for this reason, here, Mr. John Martin John Classic Rock crushes pretty much this record, whose conflicts, including in full punk era, is decidedly non-existent ... As for me, while recognizing how justified the criticisms mentioned above, and while finding even I think this album is certainly not the bearer of novelty but, rather, sounds hopelessly dated by the year it was released, I still "Zero 7" decent album, well played and with a beautiful sound keyboards, synth and guitar (the latter characterized by a very sour sound). To you play and the consequent judgment.......

Bass – Dory Dorigatti
Drums, Bells, Effects – Bruno Stangoni
Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Vocals – Angelo Lenatti
Organ, Synthesizer [Eminent, Moog], Piano, Mellotron, Vocals – Ferry Bettini*

A1 Introduzione
A2 Stacco I (Per Svago)
A3 Cieli Aperti
B1 Una Vecchia Storia
B2 45/I
B3 45/II
B4 Conclusioni

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