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12 Feb 2017

Maxophone “ La Fabbrica Delle Nuvole” 2017 Italy Prog Rock new album

Maxophone “ La Fabbrica Delle Nuvole” 2017 Italy Prog Rock new album
Maxophone “ La Fabbrica Delle Nuvole” 2017 Italy Prog Rock new album
Forget the vintage sound of the ’70s: today’s Maxhopone are very close to a modern rock that, on several occasions, is influenced by progressive scores (to name one similar artist above others: Neal Morse and his Spock’s Beard) and folk music; all in support of the unmistakable voice of the keyboardist and singer Sergio Lattuada. 

In conclusion, “La fabbrica delle nuvole” sounds like a collection of fairytales, set to music by an Italian prog historical group that, while having updated their sound to these actual times, does not give up that ‘mystical’ aura that had already marked their first, unforgettable record................

"La Fabbrica Delle Nuvole"clouds includes nine songs of which a small part, with English lyrics, was performed live concerts in recent years. Following the arrival of the texts of Roberto Roversi at the bases of the recordings, we decided to make many changes to drafts, sounds and overall in the arrangement to adapt the songs to new content and get a smooth metric. It was not easy and certainly it took long enough for everything to be balanced and homogeneous, but we think that the end result will repay the delay and effort because it gave rise to something extremely new especially considering the progressive scene where the texts are often a bit 'too subordinate to the music. Each song is a story in itself but as a whole generates what Roversi had grasped our intention and that is to make a journey through positive thoughts with a hope for the age to come. The first track "Bringing Down the Pacific" fully expresses this desire for change where the inability to communicate changes in the future words. In fact, if the words become protagonists, even the way you play and sing must adapt to a new rigor where flourishes and embroidery find little space to the whole overall intensity advantage. Unlike the first disc of '75 all the musical and vocal parts of this album were performed by the band without external investments. Camera and mixing were made in our digital studio, the final mastering in the studio Hit Factory's Nicolò Fragile. Thus it was born "The factory of" clouds, an album that continues from one side of our tradition and the other opens a new road, wider, where the progressive soul and true poetry wrap themselves in an almost indivisible embrace..........

Line-up / Musicians 
- Alberto Ravasini / lead vocals, classic, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards 
- Marco Tomasini / electric guitar, vocals 
- Sergio Lattuada / grand piano (1,2,4,9), electric piano (1,7), keyboards, vocals 
- Marco Croci / bass 
- Carlo Monti / drums, percussion, violin (1,5,7-9)


01. Un ciclone su Pacifico 
02. Perdo il colore blu 
03. Il passo delle ore 
04. La fabbrica delle nuvole (Instrumental) 
05. La luna e la lepre 
06. Estate ’41 
07. Nel fiume dei giorni i tuoi capelli 
08. Il matto e l’aquilone 
09. Le parole che non vi ho detto

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