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5 Feb 2017

Merit Hemmingson ‎"Huvva! - Svensk Folkmusik På Beat “ 1971 Sweden Folk,Pop,Prog

Merit Hemmingson ‎"Huvva! - Svensk Folkmusik På Beat “ 1971 Sweden Folk,Pop,Prog

Merit Hemmingssons three folk pop albums Huvva, Trollskog and Bergtagen is still my favorite way of listen to Swedish folk music. I think this album is more pop and jazz orientated than the two later folk albums. Her version of the folksong Jämtländsk brudmarch was a hit for her in 1973 on the Swedish hit list "Tio I Topp”, on this album was an earlie version of this song…. 
The Swedish music is always shining devotion to the cause - everything seems to be a success, it all sounds so elegant. Whether then the case of 60-70-fold figures, psychedelia, folk and progressive rock, from 70 to 80-fold figures punk and post music or Latter-day bob hund, Weeping Willows, Atomic Swing, I guess, Stina Nordenstam, Dungen - after all, a witch. 
Merit Hemmingson is of the same suit: elegantly jazzy organist, low-key pianist, composer, arranger. After the girl bands in the 60’s gave birth to Hemmingson “Huvva!” - album, subtitled “Svensk Folkmusik på beat”. Native to the scenery nearest point of reference could be the Karelia “Finland-Pop” from the previous year. And even if the starting point is the same - folk music - the end result is totally different. “Finland-Pop” to inject domestic, in the first place sorrowful folk songs rämpimään the soft clay and peat slowest, heaviest steps. And eväissäkin is half ice disappoint! 
“Huvva!” Instead of swinging a completely different style: the tomorrow not to worry about, otetaanpas schnapps! Callers are in addition to the organist Hemmingsonin mm. Made In Sweden Wadenius guitarist and drummer Borgudd - Hammond (? In upper case or lower case) and carrying electric piano melodies lightly in the middle of the day. then I do not know whether the Swedish folk tunes basically happier than the Finns - I suspect the same as the kingdom of it being sometimes been! 
“Huvva!” Is a completely instrumental, atmosphere just great. Perhaps the duo Hansson & Karlsson comes to mind to some extent, but squint virtuosity were those äijien can not be achieved, and certainly not even attempt. Domestic Nieminen & Litmanen kurkistelevat they, too, just around the corner. 
Hemmingson did this wafer still graduate osankin - whether driven by popular? - “Trollskogen”, or “Mer på svensk Folkmusik Beat” was released in 1972. “Trollskogen”, unlike its predecessor slower, contemplative, accompanied by a few styles in mind sung the song. Well, “Peikkometsähän” is dusky and hämähäkinseittinen its winding paths - even this fascinating disc. 
Merit Hemmingsonin website, the music has always been published until today, the latest album seems to be dating back to 2006. Hemmingsonin attractiveness younger is music enthusiasts working example of the band The Ark Ola Salo-edited CD “Merit - Queen of Swedish Folk Hammond Groove” (Bonnier Amigo 2005). 
Thus, if the early reels Merit Hemmingsonin appears on the horizon, correct away! Let it be granted that beyond entertainment has taken place, for example, Dana Dragomir born with a pair of reel amount………….. 

A1 Gånglåt Från Ovanåker 1:55 
A2 Bingsjö Skänklåt 2:16 
A3 Gånglåt Efter Blecka Anders 2:18 
A4 Gammalståschans Hjärtesuck 1:05 
A5 Polska Efter Gössa Anders 1:47 
A6 Du Har Låtit Din Kärlek Få Försvinna 2:30 
A7 Jämtländsk Folkvisa 2:45 
A8 Fäbodpsalm Från Näckådalen 3:02 
A9 Köuk Från Skålan 0:26 
B1 Gammal Jämtländsk Brudmarsch (Jämtlandssången) 3:05 
B2 Polska Efter Efter Bränd John 2:05 
B3 Jojk Efter Lars Nilsson Ruong 0:21 
B4 Polska Efter Hjort Anders 2:50 
B5 Vindarna Sucka Uti Skogarna 3:56 
B6 Ack, Vermeland Du Sköna 5:40 

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