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22 Feb 2017

Muck Grohbian (Ex-Ihre Kinder, Aera guitarist ) “Muckefuck” 1979 Germany Jazz Rock Fusion

Muck Grohbian (Ex-Ihre Kinder, Aera guitarist ) “Muckefuck” 1979  Germany Jazz Rock Fusion...recommended....
Muck Grohbian started out as guitarist for German Progressive Rock outfit ‘Ihre Kinder’ playing on their innovative but unsuccessful debut in 1969. He later formed Krautrock band 'Aera’, now quite a celebrated German band throughout the world. Grohbians use of Jazz Rock riffs in some very unique (well sometimes downright weird) progressions and compositions made him quite a standout player on the scene. Enough to warrant a solo endeavour.

In the late 70’s, Groh dives deeper into the realm of guitar exploration with this very Funky/Folksy Jazz-Prog gem. Its an astonishing guitar album that has all the hallmark moves of the 'Groh' sound but there is a light heartedness to it. Many of the tracks feature an acoustic guitar which gives off that subtle and more gentle approach to the harsh, technical precision shredding and noodling we are used to from these types of Jazz Fusion players. Its also quite a melodic record, filed with really quirky, hummable tunes that, while being a little too far left field to get stuck in your head, are still quite accessable for those who are not necessarily Progheads.

Beautifully recorded and really well arranged. A .........

Guitarist Muck Groh's first solo work answers the question: What would have Aera's earlier albums sounded like if they weren't so "jazzy saxy"? (though one could argue that Roman Bunka himself answered that question on Aera's "Live" album). And the progressive-folk-with-female-vocals on side 2 gives the album a certain Emma Myldenberger / Rebekka / Werwolf feel that is most welcome in this fusion setting.

Long Hair CD adds no less than 8 live bonus tracks from 1981, that are totally relevant. And it demonstrates that Groh can unleash a guitar fury with the best of them, something he seemed reticent to do on vinyl. Bravo to the label for not pushing them onto a separate release - adding to the value of this CD.....ashratom................

Originally released in 1979, these recordings show the first solo efforts by formerly Aera leader, guitar player and composer Muck Groh. In fact this album wasn´t a solo album, but could be described as the third Aera album of their first decade line-up. All those great musicians like sax player Klaus Kreuzeder, drummer Wolfgang Teske, violinist Christoph Krieger and a lot of guest musicians like Alto Pappert (formerly Kraan) and Aeras second decade musicians Matz Steinke on bass and Limbus on percussions contributed to this great album.

The first 4 titles on the CD (former A-Side of the album) are in the tradition of the second album "Hand und Fuss". "Psychochinese im Stanzwerk" reminds to Amon Düül´s "Deutsch-Nepal". For the first time Muck Groh uses vocals in his compositions in a folky style and "Blinde Kuh" reminds a little bit of early German New Wave bands like Spliff or Nina Hagen Band. All in all this album shows many facets of Muck Grohs composer abilities and convinces with clever arrangements. The CD comes with a comprehensive booklet with rare and unseen photos and there are 8 bonus tracks taken from a concert from 1981...............

Muck Grohbian is, of course, Muck Groh (actually Werner Groh), guitarist, painter, founding member of the Nuremberg band Your children and for a long time one of the heads of Aera (and now again from Neue Aera). In the spring of 1977 Groh Aera left and began to work on a solo album. This then appeared in 1979 with the name "Muckefuck", as the LPs of Aera on Jonas Porsts Erlkönig label. On CD, the album did not exist for a long time, only in 2011 was the disc of Longhair reissued, with different Livestücken as a bonus.

A very powerful, versatile and varied album somewhere in the border area of ​​Jazzrock, (Kraut) Rock and Spiesiebziger Prog Groh has played here, among other things. Supported by some former Aera colleagues (Klaus Kreuzeder, Matz Steinke, Wolfgang Teske and Christoph Krieger) and Johannes "Alto" Pappert (Kraan). The music reminds of the two aera discs with Groh (see "Humanum Est" and "Hand and Foot"), but is stylistically not so clearly in the jazzrock as these and therefore has all sorts of progigious, (kraut) rocky, folkige , Funky and sometimes even poppy tracks (at least a little in the numbers, in which sung).

Groh's guitars are at the center of the action, sometimes dominated by filigree, multi-layered by acoustic guitar sounds, sometimes by hearty-complex electric guitars. In addition, the two winds, Christoph Krieger's violin, the playful bass steinkes, rare synthesizer pads, quite a lot of percussion and - as already indicated - in three numbers singing in German. It would not have needed it to my taste. The slightly social-critical performance of Uwe Gaasch in "Blind Cow" (his skat song in the same piece is very successful) is slightly obtrusive, but since it is embedded in an elegant complex jazzrock structure, this does not really bother us. On the other hand, the rather subtle vocals of Eva Gruber are much more successful, especially in the beautiful "moonbeam".

My favorite piece, however, is "Psychochinese im Stanzwerk", an oddly industrial, multi-layered, easy-going rocker, driven by all sorts of rattling and plodding, in which acoustic guitars and electric guitars complex up and jubilate and yowle, embedded in an almost symphonic structure of organ , Synthesizer and Lyricon (a kind "Saxsynthesizer" with wind controller).

The eight bonus tracks were recorded on 20 March 1981 in a location called Isselhorst, a band that included many of the musicians on the regular album. The whole was mixed by Groh to a live collage (as noted on the Einlegeblatt), i. The pieces usually merge into one another without applause. The sound is good, a bit rauschig and dosig, but otherwise very good listenable. Almost all the Albumnummers are appearing here again, somewhat raw, without singing and also somewhat simpler (the acoustic guitar is missing). A nice addition.

"Muckefuck" is a really entertaining album with intelligent, virtuosic, very diverse and surprisingly easy jazz prog, with which not only Aera fans should supplement their collection! Breiling ...............

Line-up / Musicians

- Eva Gruber / vocals
- Christoph Krieger / violin
- Alto Pappert / tenor & alto saxophone
- Manni Neuner / synthesizer
- Klaus Kreuzeder / soprano & alto saxophone, lyricon
- Meier-Limbus / percussion, gong, congas
- Achim Gieseler / keyboards
- Wolfgang Teske / drums
- Herr Lampezzi / drums
- Heinz Gembus / bass
- Matz Steinke / bass
- Muck Groh / electric & acoustic guitar, bass

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Blinde Kuh (4:50)
2. Mondstrahl (3:20)
3. Psychochinese Im Stanzwerk (4:52)
4. Liebeslied (4:04)
5. All-Raunen (2:06)
6. Zappenduster (5:39)
7. Traumtänzer (4:41)
8. Elfenkönigin Auf Staatsbesuch Im Urwald (Sehr Elegant Herr Elefant!) (4:47)
9. Penisnight (4:32)

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