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1 Feb 2017

OM "OM" 1976 Argentina Prog Psych Instrumental

OM  "OM" 1976  Argentina Prog Psych Instrumental…recommended..!
Om released this album in 1976 only on casette. It was recorded during the winter of 1975 in Argentina. 

One of the most amazing bands to ever come out of Argentina, the stuff of legend and holy grails back in their homeland and virtually unknown outside of Argentina. 
They are revered by their peers, from Luis Alberto Spinetta to Litto Nebbia (who did some programing on these recordings), They were one of the first bands that really started to play Progressive Rock in Argentina, 
Even back in the day they became famous for their technical skills onstage, they never released an album, even thou I heard that one was planed under the name `La Nota En Su Septima Concentracion`, I have no clue if it evr was recorded and remains unreleased or if it was just a working title 
The fact is that the only material they ever released in their lifelitme was this 1976 cassette, which is insanely hard to find. 
A friend here in Amsterdam once mentioned the band to me, and said he had a tape… somewhere, right after Hanukkah this year and about 20 years after the original conversation he messaged me that he had found it back and had digitalized the whole thing at the radio station where he works! 
You will not be dissapointed!………….. 

Formed in 1972 and that went through several line up changes until recording the material in 1975, however this one was not released in LP due to difficulties that led to the end of the band. So the tapes were released on cassette the following year and is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ among Argentine rock collectors. Divided into 5 tracks, the work is totally instrumental and of comparable quality to the great Latin bands of progressive rock, with originality and great ability of the musicians, where we hear good variations and beatiful passages of guitar and keyboards. 

01. Introducción Allegro / El Asesinato De Jarabaila 7:04 
02. Tema De Gala 10:13 
03. El Repasador Americano 4:24 
04. Urticaria 7:23 
05. Breves Reflexiones 5:08 

Bass – Camilo Iezzi 
Guitar – Cristian Stabel Hansen 
Keyboards – Oscar Laiguera 
Percussion – Eduardo Annetta 

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