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18 Feb 2017

Panther “Wir Wollen Alles!” 1974 Germany Private Kraut Rock

Panther “Wir Wollen Alles!” 1974 Germany Private  Kraut Rock
A largely polito-Kraut underground rock band from Ahrensburg, formed in 1972, in Ton Steine Scherben, Tobogan or Lokomotive Kreuzberg vein, with rock 'n' roll edges too - but no folk!.............

Those who claim that this LP has proto-punk sounds are pretty far off, and similarly far off is Dag Erik Asbjornsen who accused Panther of playing short rock'n'roll songs. True, there are a few duff boogie tracks on this LP, but the majority of the songs presented here are very nice, sitting squarely in a typical German agit-rock aesthetic which means one half political rants and one half excellent jamming hard-rock. Two longer songs ("Kingesperrt" & "Vodka-Lemon") are particularly good, with inventive guitar playing and some recognizably German synthesisers bubbling on the background, the other stuff is decidedly more pedestrian, though still decent. And they were pretty extreme in their anti-capitalist stance - the GEMA word on the label is spelled as GEMAfia!..............

Klaus "Julle" Ahrens (bass, guitar, vocals) 
Gregor Ahrens (drums) 
Olaf Lietzen (drums) 
Klaus Schulz (lead guitar, vocals) 
Gert Lange (guitar, vocals) 

Manne Rόrup (synthesizer) 
Richard Borowski (bongos)

1 Wir wollen Alles 4:20 
2 Papiertiger 5:18 
3 Putte muß bleiben 2:50 
4 Mach die Augen auf 4:33 
5 Daimler Se 4:16 
6 Eingesperrt 7:26 
7 Die Sirene heult 2:31 
8 Wodka-Lemon 9:07

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