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14 Feb 2017

Pastoral "Humanos" 1976 Argentina Prog Folk

Pastoral  "Humanos" 1976 Argentina Prog Folk

Pastoral was an Argentine progressive rock duo, composed of Alejandro De Michele and Miguel Angel Erausquin. They were characterized by their defiant and avant-garde style. At first his musical direction can be defined as acoustic, although quickly the duo showed an eclecticism that would remain as a constant throughout his existence, with a dark and surrealist theme of his songs. Alejandro De Michele's obsessions (belly, death, insanity) are present from the beginning of the group, and gave De Michele the character of one of the greatest Argentine rock poets.
The music of Pastoral was calm and of a sober technical correction, without boast of virtuosity but with an evident good taste in its instrumentation. Vocal harmonies were one of the hallmarks of the duo, and this album is strongly emphasized.
In 1976 the duo published the one that is unanimously considered his masterpiece: "Humans", bordering on the conceptual about death and the unreason of existence that would anticipate to reflect - like no other - the horrors of the " Lead "of the military dictatorship in Argentina. For his recording he counted on an orchestra of strings, and of luxury guests like Charly Garci'a, Oscar Moro and Pino Marrone. "Humans", an almost theatrical album. The recording, almost live, is a testament to his impressive vocal flow. The cover was full of images and colors, and the live recital recreated in its scenery this aesthetic, placing huge three-dimensional butterflies on the musicians' heads and carnivorous-looking flowers at their sides...............

 ''En el hospicio'' ended up to a be a pretty succesful album commercially speaking, but what set Pastoral apart from the other rock groups in the country was the addition of deeply thoughtful lyrics, dealing with death, madness or self-destruction.The pessimistic approach of the band continues with ''Humanos'', the 76' album released on Cabal, another effort of a humanistic lyrical content around death and existence.De Michele and Erausquin were surrounded by the top of the tops in this album, Charly García plays keyboards, Crucis' Pino Marrone is on guitar, Hugo Villareal plays the bass, Osvaldo López of Luis Alberto Spinetta fame and Oscar Moro are the drummers, a member of La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros and Serú Girán, composer Gustavo Beytelmann comes on piano and orchestrations and Guillermo Conte plays also drums in one track.''Humanos'' was recorded at Studio Audion in September 1976.
While the atmosphere sounds more or less the same as in the second album, the music has some big differences compared to the rural soundscapes of the previous years.The duo of De Michele and Erausquin had sunk into a world of refined, lush orchestral textures, highlighted by a dominant string section, to be combined with the acoustic guitars and the smooth rhythm section.The result reminds me of the works of Italian singers/songwriters like LUCIO BATTISTI, struggling to find some space for instrumental parts, trying to come up with moments of a proggy attitude, but eventually fading into the labyrinth of elaborate arrangements and artistic melodies.Despite the presence of the elite of Argentinian prog stars, the music is rather easy-going and once more the lyrical parts and the beautiful vocals of De Michele and Erausquin are the driving forces of yet another Pastoral album.The tracks contain some light flute parts, the display of piano lines and the cinematic power of an orchestral background, making this one a decent flirt with the Italian Prog Pop scene.The acoustic themes are pretty dominant with some mellow electric guitars in a supporting role, but the album has somewhat moved away from the folky ovetones of the debut for the sake of a more melodic Psych/orchestral sound.The arrangements and vocal harmonies remain pretty good and the tracks are memorable, but the true progressive value of the album is a matter of discussion.

Some sort of vocal-based Orchestral Psych Pop is what I hear in ''Humanos''.Great music for fans of compact songwriting, definitely recommended, just don't expect a deep progressive content as this one supposed to apps79 ...............

Line-up / Musicians
- Alejandro de Michele / guitar, vocals
- Miguel Angel Erausquin / guitar, vocals

- Charly Garcia / keyboards
- Oscar Moro / drums
- Pino Marrone / guitar
- Gustavo Beytelman / orchestra

A1 Humanos (Quieren Llamarse) 4:56
A2 Me Desprendo De Tu Vientre 9:00
A3 De Regreso A Tus Entrañas
A4 Mujercita Yo Se Esperar 5:53
B1 Prorroga De La Tierra 4:34
B2 Lustrabotas 2:28
B3 Deseo Del Lúcido Suicida Preso 6:43
B4 Solo Con Silencio 3:43
B5 El Mago 3:35 

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