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11 Feb 2017

Pop Music Team“Society is a Shit" 1969 Unreleased Mexico Fuzz-Psych Rock

Pop Music Team  “Society is a Shit" 1969  Unreleased Mexico Fuzz-Psych Rock
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To bring them a dark and unknown band from Mexico: Pop Music Team, yes sir: The Pop Music Team. Of course with that name one tends to think: What did you bring Miguel, bubblegum? No no. And not because I do not like or enjoy my music Op. I enjoy it very much. Like every genre. But it disturbs me to suppose that what can happen to me, when I found this record, an afternoon that walked the teltecas streets of Lavallino Vergel, I came across an antiquarian that many curiosities wove. I entered, as my curiosity always dictates, to the business and I prepared to review and to revolve the material. I tell you that there was everything: CDs, cassettes and records. Also posters and t-shirts of famous groups. And that was what bothered me, the same groups as always, the same faces of rockers with silver and silver, well paid and satisfied, away from the people and close to power. Great was my disappointment. However, as it was tedious to walk (because in tourist plan my bróder was walking and, for me, being a tourist is walking and walking, to really know the people, the colors and without tastes that singles the place) I started to check. The place was an extensive and rectangular room, no more than five meters wide and fifteen long. (Sub) divided by an arc of a half point to the center. In the first part, stuck in rotating shelves, there were CDs. Phew, Rabbi, as he walked gingerly. Suddenly I recognized a color, a perfume and a year: Tuesday Mint and next The Visitors and later, that masterpiece of rock puntano : Immanent of Houdini Shit! Maybe it’s not a bad shop, I thought. Then, my simple and friendly moods were prepared to look with more skill and delicacy. I found to Tonolec, a great trip hop duet that I left there, in wordpress ; Also a great compiled one that has left on the rock of salta And some more things that I will tell you when I publish them. 

But not now, because the important thing is the Pop Music Team . It is that back, in a dark area and full of pains and penumbras, arranged in long inns as the waiting of you; On the floor, and, finally, scattered all over the place were discs. A lot of. I craved it would be unreasonable to check each and every one of them, not just because they were vast Like time, no; If not also because Wirtis is a man entered in years, that passed the youth subjecting the body to the punishments - Sweet and entrancing - that vice returns with time. Thus, I find it extremely burdensome efforts that involve crouching under the knee. However, as much as I like music and, moreover, I am very proud; I decided that I was not going to go without looking, without stirring a little that material that the vendors had discredited back there. It was then that I decided to sit on my legs like an Indian and grab everything that was far away. Good things there were bróders, very good. Although I do not know if all will be of your pleasing Or, for me, yes, but that’s because I’m not demanding and simple tastes. And it was between them that I found this cute album, with a promising cover and suggestive title. Of course, as I had started to tell, I was not sure what I would find myself with: Pop Music Team, I said to myself, will it be good? The year, the origin could not augur bad music. Except the album title: “Society is a shit” But equally hesitated. That’s why I went to the counter. A grumpy young man and Could you reproduce this, brother? I asked. The brat looked at me from top to bottom, bending a jet-black bangs and stared at me. Smiling, incredulous and socarrón: I do not have a record player. Motherfucker, I mumbled under my breath, how much is this? East? The asshole answered, I do not know, you’re the first one to carry it. Well, I take it the same How much do you want, kid? I told. I do not know, give me a load for the tantrum, he answered. And, literally like that I did: I gave a weight and I went to look for my girl and a place to listen The new acquisition. And the truth is what piece of music the Pop Music Team , a group that opened the door to The Doors , who recorded the best bill that, due to problems of censorship and government ignorance - as always - could not edit. But do not worry that Wirtis brings them to you, directly from Lavalle; Pop Music Team !!!!……………. 

Pop Music Team were among the first psychedelic bands in Mexico, writing original material influenced by Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, and the Doors (they even opened for the Doors at the Forum in Mexico City). 

This is a reissue of their legendary unreleased album, recorded for Orfeon in April 1969, with killer fuzz guitar and organ, mostly sung in English. 

This music should be known to all psych music heads, but it isn’t: so what happened? It’s simple. A demo recording of the band’s track •Tlatelolco 68 was broadcast on the radio in 1969. The Mexican government heard the track, and immediately quashed the release of the album; their objection: the song described the brutal repression of the student movement in Mexico (students were slaughtered at La Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico City). For a long time, about 36 years to be precise, no one knew that an entire album had been recorded, or where to find the masters. But here it is, psychedelic garage jams with sweet fuzz and farfisa, including •Tlatelolco 68, which turns out to be a 10-minute freaked out long jam. 

Sure, the cover art looks like a bubble gum packet (there was no original jacket art, since the album was never released), but don’t let that or the band name scare you. This is wonderful stuff!…………….. 

Unreleased killer psychedelic rock from 1969 in Mexico! What a sound these guys had! All original tracks with killer fuzz guitar and organ, mostly sung in English……. 

11. WHOM I`M GONNA TALK TO (Instrumental) 
12. IT`S TRUE AT LAST (Instrumental) 
13. LOVE IS BUSINESS (Instrumental) 
14. LA NOCHE FINAL (Instrumental) 
15. THE SECOND SMOKE (Instrumental) 
16. TLATELOLCO (Instrumental)

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