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21 Feb 2017

Ramloc “Ramloc” 1979 US Private Prog Psych Folk Rock

Ramloc “Ramloc” 1979 US very rare Private Prog Psych Folk Rock
full only in dailymotion…….
Group of Tulsa, State of Oklahoma. The album was recorded on Ramloc Records label? (Catalog number NR10484) and was published privately. The release came out in 1979. The best things on the album: “Earth is a million miles away”, “Child” and “Fly”. Very rare vinyl. Neither staff nor even a group photo net.Ochen wow Americans prokolharumovskogo sample (middle period). Sublime, ballad-type songs with phono, electric guitar, sometimes with flute, violin and harmonica Like a mixture of pop-rock with prog … But it is very beautiful melodies and arrangements, as well as with the soul full of decent music, is clearly a belated exit…….. 

A1 Earths A Million Miles Away 3:20 
A2 Happy 3:30 
A3 Hardline Woman 1:29 
A4 Child 3:30 
A5 Fly 2:47 
A6 “A” Jam 3:07 
B1 Tomorrow 4:04 
B2 Soliloquy 4:30 
B3 Loving You Loving Me 2:26 
B4 Heavens Faling 2:36 
B5 Girls 3:30

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..