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11 Feb 2017

Shakey Legs “Shakey Legs” 1971 US Psych Boogie Rock

Shakey Legs “Shakey Legs” 1971 US Psych Boogie Rock
"Shakey Legs" formed in 1969 Ted Demos and Jack Bruno, otkolovšisʹ by the Boston group "Apple Pie Motherhood Band". Signed zaklûčili with "Paramount", but the company DID click on another bostonskuû group "Milkwood" Poetomu "Shakey Legs" tak and dobilisʹ success, and in 1974 group raspalasʹ. Jack Bruno later played in akkompaniruûŝih Composition with Tina Turner and Joe Cocker.....

Drummer Jack Bruno and lead guitarist Ted Demos had been members of the Boston-based C.C. and the Chasers. Along with singer Michael Sorafine they also recorded a pair of late-'60s albums as members of Boston's The Apple Pie and Motherhood Band. When that group called it quits in 1969 they eventually moved on to The Shakey Legs Blues Band which quickly abbreviated the name down to Shakey Legs.
Fronted by singer/keyboardist Nick Lauritzen, Shakey Legs featured a professional, if someone under-whelming mixture bar band boogie, blues, and FM rock moves. That was enough to get the group signed by Paramount, which quickly put them in the studio with producer Dave Blume. Rounded out by bassist Tom Enright, "Shakey Legs" certainly didn't sound bad, but if you were expecting Apple Pie Motherhood-styled psych moves, or were looking for something that was going to rock your world - well, this probably wasn't the album to buy. Lauritzen had a nice enough voice that was well suited for the band's blues-rock, but for some reason he seemed interested in mimicking BS&T's David Clayton-Thomas. Check out tunes like the ballad 'Voices', 'We Might Give You Your Freedom', and 'Give Your Man a Little Faith'. Having listened to the album dozens of times over the years, I'll tell you it is a collection that sounds better in snippets. Played all at once the LP has a tendency to simply blend into the background, but if you pay attention, there are four or five performances that stuck with you ('We Might Give You Your Freedom', the should've-been-a-single 'I'm Gonna Make It', and the blazing rocker 'You Say You Love Me'). Perhaps because it sounded like an early Steely Dan tune, 'Where In the World' was the album's oddest and most interesting tune.

Again, 'Shakey Legs" wasn't a monumental album, but it's actually quite a bit better than what the isolated reviews would have you believe. Worth checking out since you can still find copies for a reasonable price....Bad Cat.......

Ted Demos - guitar
Tom Enright - bass
Nick Lauritzen - keyboards, vocals
John Mastory - guitar
Jack Bruno - drums

A1 Dirty Dog Woman 2:47
A2 Voices 3:35
A3 Back In Line 3:11
A4 Where In The World 4:35
A5 We Might Give You Your Freedom 4:00
B1 I'm Gonna Make It 2:45
B2 Give Your Man A Little Faith 5:26
B3 Everybody's Got Something On Me 3:28
B4 Ever Since The Light Went Out 2:01
B5 You Say You Love Me 3:37
B6 In A Real Bad Way 2:21

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