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12 Feb 2017

Sirius "Rising"1979 Texas Private Hard Rock ex-Demain/Bubble Puppy guys

Sirius  "Rising" 1979 Texas Private Hard Rock ex-Demain/Bubble Puppy guys
Guitarist Todd Potter and Rod Prince of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Group Bubble Puppy Recorded this record in 1979 with well known Austin Musicians George Rarey on bass, guitar and vocals and Mark Evans on drums and vocals. This band had indeed performed as BP for a time while its identity melded. "Promises" are definitely fullfilled here.

Released on "Elcric Flow" (see top of BP "Gathering of Promises" back cover) just before the group's unfortunate demise, the music went virtually unmarketed until now. Potter feels this is the best instumental work he and Prince ever recorded. Should be part of any collection of the ground breaking guitar duo's work. BAND_MEMBERS: Todd Potter Rod Prince George Rarey Mark Evans.......

Post-Bubble Puppy & Demian, includes Todd Potter (lead guitar) and Rod Prince (lead guitar, vocals). Not a great album, lots of boring AOR fair but the playing is good and there's a couple of decent tracks, Litany freakin' rocks! If the whole thing was like that we'd have a killer metal album on our hands.......

Bass, Vocals – George Rarey
Drums, Vocals – Mark Evans
Guitar, Vocals – Rod Prince, Todd Potter

A1 Runaway Bay
A2 Girl You Take Me Higher
A3 No Idea
A4 Best Of Me
A5 Guacamole Rock & Roll
B1 Girl Like You
B2 Litany
B3 Wringin' Your Hands
B4 Now I'm Home
B5 Smile At Me

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..