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9 Feb 2017

Sparifankal “Bayern-Rock” 1976 Germany Kraut Rock,Folk Rock Political

Sparifankal “Bayern-Rock” 1976 Germany Kraut Rock,Folk Rock Political

“Sparifankal” was a very unique rock group from Bavaria. In 1972 the Bavarian anarchist rock band “Sparifankal” developed and practised the so-called “ruebel-music”, together with musical laymen, children and “patients”, as a kind of harmonic/disharmonic therapy. “Sparifankal” utilized genuine Bavarian lyrics which differ drastically from higher German. With this approach, the band developed a new concept: political rock music sung in Bavarian language. 
During 1976 the band recorded their first vinyl “Bayern Rock” (Bavarian Rock). It was released under Trikont/Schneeball/April, the first German independent label founded by several German underground bands such as Embryo, Missus Beastly, Ton Steine Scherben and Checkpoint Charlie to be independent from the record industry. 
“Sparifankal” toured mainly in southern Germany, but also found time to perform at several large festivals all over the country. The band released two more albums, the acoustic “Huraxdax Drudnhax”, which set new standards in traditional German music, and the 2LP-album “Negamusi”, which helped to bring the band international exposure. But during 1981 SPARIFANKAL played their final concert… In 1999 the members of SPARIFANKAL came together again to do a punk-benefit-concert for a former member of the group. The band found that this reunion concert was too much fun not to reunite. 
After very successful concerts at some larger festivals in southern Germany the band found it necessary to record an album with the new songs. During the hot summer of 2003 “Dahoam Is Wo Andas” (Home is Somewhere Else) was recorded on an analog machine without any “frickelfrackel” by William Faendrich in Huglfing. It is still real “Bayern Rock”, and totally different and opposed to all that polished global-touristic Alpinyodelrock. 
Carl-Ludwig Reichert, Bavarian lyricist extra-ordinaire, who rocked the cradle of Bavarian poetry (under the alias “Benno Hoellteufel”) and was a memeber of Sparifankal, remembers: “Das war im Kafe Kult und da haben wir dann halt gespielt, es waren schon ein paar Leute da und die haben sich köstlich amüsiert und gleich den Pogo getanzt und ich hab gedacht, die verarschen uns jetzt, die haben da die größte Gaudi. Und dann spiel ich das zweite Stück, der ‘braune baaz’, und das war schon irgendwie ein Erlebnis, wenn da so zehn Irokesen vor dir stehen und das mitsingen. Die kannten das auswendig, ich hab‘ gedacht, ich werd nicht mehr! Witzigerweise hat uns ja schon Anfang der 70er Jahre der Roman Bunka von Embryo als Punks bezeichnet. Das ist im Englischen einfach ein Schimpfwort, so eben wie Sparifankal “ungezogenes Kind” oder “Teufel” auf Bayerisch heißt. Punk heißt “ungezogener Typ”, “Penner”, und so weiter.”...........

Sparifankal was a group from Bavaria, German state, formed by local musicians in the early 70. Despite being in the underground scene, the band gained notoriety in the South of the country for its eccentric and theatrical performances, participating in festivals and releasing three albums between 1976 and 81, the same year that ended the activities. Since 1999 the band makes sporadic meetings. 
Post here the first record, Bayern-Rock, recorded live in 1976. It is divided into 8 tracks and difficult to be classified, close to various styles such as acid-folk, progressive rock, krautrock and even experimental music. The instrumental is quite varied, passing through acoustic trip and heavy moments, with fuzz guitar, acoustic guitar, flute and others like dulcimer, suona and ocarina, nothing common to rock bands. Another unusual point are the lyrics, all in Bavarian language and political / social issues. I recommend especially for fans of acid / prog folk and krautrock, listen and draw your conclusions.......

Sparifankal was a Munich band, which arose from 1972 and was known for its straight, political lyrics in Bavarian. Until the beginning of the 80s lived on a farm near Pleiskirchen in the district of Altötting. As a "Social Educational Initiative Sparifankal", they expressed the opinion that everyone is musical - and founded the appropriate anarchistic "ruffle music". At the beginning of the 80s one dissolved. After 18 years of rest, Sparifankal started again at the end of 1999 on the initiative of Olli Nauerz. 

The author, Radiomoderator and private scholar Carl-Ludwig Reichert, says: "That was in the cafe cult, and then we played, there were already a few people there and they enjoyed themselves amusing and the Pogo danced and I thought, And then I play the second piece, the 'brown baaz', and that was somehow an experience when there were ten Iroquois in front of you and singing along with it, they knew it by heart , I thought 'I'm not going to be any more', and in the beginning of the 70s, the Bunka novel of embryos was called punks, which is simply a swear word, just as Sparifankal "naughty child" or "devil" Bavarian is called "naughty guy", "bitch", and so on. ".............

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ocarina – Jan Dosch 
Bass Guitar, Vocals – Florian Laber 
Drums, Triangle – Günther Sonderwald 
Vocals, Dulcimer, Guitar, Kazoo – Tillmann Obermaier 
Vocals, Guitar, Horn – Carl Ludwig Reichert

A1 Bis Zum Nexdn Weidgriag... 4:24 
A2 Dees Land Is Koid... 6:23 
A3 Da Braune Baaz 3:25 
A4 I Mechd Di Gean Amoi Nackad Seng 3:04 
A5 De Groskopfadn 4:10 
B1 Bluus Fo Da Peamanentn Razzia 7:00 
B2 Wans Ums Farecka Nimma Ged 7:28 
B3 Aus Is & Goar Is 6:10

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