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13 Feb 2017

Spheroe “Spheroe” 1977 France Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

Spheroe “Spheroe” 1977 France Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

During the 70-ies of the last century instrumental quartet Spheroe enjoyed a reputation as one of Europe’s best fusion bands. The band was formed in 1972 as a part of: Patrick “Cactus” Garel (drums / percussion), Gérard Maimone (keyboards), Rido Dieudonné Bayonne (bass) and Michel Perez (guitar). Start out very successful. Due to intense live performances, the band became increasingly prominent phenomenon of the European music scene. Nevertheless, the release of the first official release had to wait five long years.

In 1977 Cobra French label comes out debut album “Spheroe”. Listener waited contrast highly energetic album Jazz Rock / Fusion with a fairly rigid feeding. Sometimes feverish and neurotic, sometimes calm and gentle numbers are stored verified sense of harmony and a gorgeous melody. Especially good game keyboardist Gérard Maimone, who apparently was a big fan of Chick Corea. A wide range of instruments used, with a predominance of Fender Rhodes piano, Moog solo memorable …
All the musicians demonstrated excellent teamwork and professionalism in presenting the material. At the same time on the album is still a lot of room for Michel Perez, to show their talent with the help of beautiful solos and melodies worthy. At some points the music becomes a little “dark”. Unclear guitar chords and “sounding right in the head” synthesizers create obsession, but in its own attractive atmosphere. In general, even though there has been some critics of the impact of Return To Forever and a lesser degree of Brand X, debut release was more than worthy.

With the release of the nameless first long play life Spheroe participants significantly changed. Criticism has proclaimed their new heroes of the genre, and proposals for cooperation were not considered. In an attempt to make up for lost ensemble he clutched at many things: theater performances, festivals, art exhibitions sound design … On top of that easy-going French had time to deal with the material for the new record. When the fresh compositions Spheroe found the proper form, the group put them in the framework of the concert program. Workshops light show attracted the attention of the audience. And, of course, the profits from the sales of their debut release served as an additional element of joy to artists. Feeling at the peak of their own technical capabilities, Spheroe went to the Swiss studio Aquarius, where under the guidance of an experienced sound engineer Jean Ristori (ex-leader of the proto-prog formation Mainhorse) recorded the LP “Primadonna” …

Patrik “Cactus” Garel - drums, percussion
- Gérard Maimone - Fender piano, vibraphone, synthesizer, piano
- Rido Bayonne - bass, percussion
- Michel Perez - guitars 

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