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18 Feb 2017

Spruce “Spruce” US 1976 Private Hippie Stoner Psych Folk

Spruce “Spruce” US 1976 Private Hippie Stoner Psych Folk
Rare 1970s Rural Stoner PSYCH Private Press - in the vein of mid-70s Grateful Dead, or early Max Creek - stoned out Hippie bliss from Massachusets!…

Mid 70’s private press of impossibly rare stoner hippie guitar DEAD-HEAD trio on the suitably named “Out To Lunch” productions… despite what anyone thinks, this guitar trio has a decidedly West Coast sound in the vein of the great “Cambridge” Lp … Spruce is an enjoyable album of self penned tunes that GROWS on repeat plays… a sparce ‘just us three cats’ private sound production with no additives, including the ultimate cool “Build Me A House” which is better than anything on the Cambridge album! The great SPRUCE have the rural edges of Crosby Stills And Nash down, if “Winter Song” doesn’t blow that famous trio away, nothing will….all in all Spruce have a inspired sound throughout and know how to play with blending vocal harmonies that please…Many collectors need this in their collection…it’s just getting past the INSANE prices this rarity goes for… 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..