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6 Feb 2017

The Brotherhood “Stavia” 1972 Private Ohio Psych Rock only had 200 copies pressed original in Rite PVT US label reissued as bootleg in French label from the early 90`s in 300 copies

The Brotherhood “Stavia” 1972 ultra rare Private Ohio Psych Rock only had 200 copies pressed original in Rite PVT US label reissued as bootleg in French label  from the early 90`s  in 300 copies

Obscure mellow hippie rock with organ and flute, similar to Borealis soundwise, plus some Santana moves. Listenable OK but hardly the stuff private press heads crave. The original was issued through the Rite recording plant, famous for dozens of great 60s punk 45s. The band from Ohio released only that one album whick was reissued in france unknown label with 2 bonus tracks......
I purchased this reissue sometime in the early 90’s, when it was first issued, thinking it might have something to do with the west coast Brotherhood (it didn’t). After playing through it, and being sufficiently underwhelmed, I placed it in the rack, where it has remained, pretty much undisturbed, ever since. Coming upon it in my alphabetical listing of my vinyl here on RYM, I have become aware my taste has changed significantly over that long of a time, so I figured I’d better re-listen, in order to more accurately review it. What a change the time has made! I now feel this is a great album. Perhaps I was disappointed at not finding the psych I was hoping for when I thought it was the other Brotherhood. Back then, I listed this as prog, primarily for lack of anything else to call it, but I find I nailed it on the head. This is a mix of light and heavy prog mat'l, with even a few pop oriented cuts, and featuring guitar, organ, some reeds, and lots of flute, as well as psych influences. Probably due to the tight budget this was obviously released under, the mix on the music is somewhat weak, while the fidelity is only mediocre, but the latter could be from the boot reissue. Grades - 1 A-, 4 B+’s, 2 B’s, and 3 B-’s, quite consistently good. This issue is limited to 300 ……… 

John Hurd - organ, piano, bass, vocals 
Michael Coe - flute, guitar, vocals 
Bill Fairbanks - bass, piano, guitar, vocals 
Jeff Hanson - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals 
Don Hoskins - drums 

A1 Color Line
A2 Rock ‘N Roll Band
A3 Back Door
A4 For Her Time
A5 Meditation Part 1
B1 Uncle
B2 Meditation Part 2
B3 Tragedy
B4 Cry Of Love
B5 Meditation Part 3 

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