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14 Feb 2017

The Hook "Hooked" 1968 US Psych Rock

The  Hook  "Hooked" 1968 US Psych Rock
Making changes in the composition (Boyd replaced Dale Loyola, and they were joined by keyboardist Denny Provisor), the band returned with a triumphant second album. Psychedelics are fewer, but the music became more interesting and diverse. Unfortunately, after a very pleasant, but forgettable single «In The Beginning / Show You The Way» in 1969, the group disbanded. Bassist Buddy Sklar became a session musician, Dennis Provisor joined «The Grass Roots»........

 Holy shit! Did I ever overlook this thing all these years! Reissue of tremendous 1968 heavy psych. A couple of these tracks will just tear your head clean off. Of course, there's also your more typical Steppenwolf kinda 60s rock on here as well, but the 1st and 4th songs are pretty damn wild and heavy for the time...........

Formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1967 by former Leaves guitarist Bobby Arlin, Hook also consisted of Buddy Sklar (bass) and Craig Boyd (drums). Will Grab You showed little of the folk/rock style Arlin’s previous group was noted for, offering instead power-trio heavy rock.

The departure of Boyd in 1968 prompted a re-think which saw former Grass Roots keyboard player Danny Provisor and new drummer Dale Loyola drafted into the line-up. Hook offered a more polished style but, as neither release was a commercial success, Arlin folded the band the following year. He subsequently became a booking agent in Orange County, California. .....

Bobby Arlin — guitar, vocals, producer
Buddy Sklar — vocals, bass, producer
Dennis Provisor — organ, vocals
Dale Loyola — drums, vocals

Go 3:10
You're Lookin' Fine 3:50
There's Magic In The Air 2:20
Son Of Fantasy II 6:00
Hook Can Cook 3:07
Love Theme In E Major 2:10
A Beautiful Tomorrow 2:21
You Need People 3:30
All Around The World 3:17
You Don't Have To Stay 2:42

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..