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15 Feb 2017

The Jack Hammond Group “A Fatal Beauty” 1982 US Private Prog Rock: 2 LP`s

The Jack Hammond Group “A Fatal Beauty” 1982 US Private Prog Rock: 2 LP`s
From Chicago comes The Jack Hammond Group, an inventive fusion band. On the double LP "A Fatal Beauty", the album opens with a fantastic sequence of tracks, lead by guitarist Jack Hammond, which is ultimately based in progressive rock, including a side long epic as found on Side 2 (of 4). Side 3 finds the group experimenting with many disparate styles (for example - classical, blues and funk). Then they close strong on the final cut with the additional of horns. A solid album throughout, and a great find for US private press seekers (technically the label for the album is Fatal Beauty Records). The cover is also quite suitably .........

A rocking, rollicking prog album from the virtually unknown rural US crew, this is a hard cry from the tired, dull, lifeless drivel that the big names of the genre were producing by the early 1980s. Like I said elsewhere, trends never die, they just move away from the mainstream into the grey area of private pressings and continue to thrive there...........

Bass – Rick Fazio
Cover – Dean Hacker
Drums – Larry Imbordino
Guitar – Jack Hammond
Keyboards – Steve Albue

A1 Blue Murder
A2 Lazy Bones
A3 Walk On Air
B1 Suite: A Fatal Beauty
-A Omphalos
-B Occam' Razor
-C The Fountain Of Prayers
C1 Festival Overture
C2 Concerto In B Minor
C3 No Shame
Steel Guitar – Stephan A. Arenz
D1 The Flower And The Stone
D2 Nothing To Say

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