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24 Feb 2017

The Sun Of Greece “The Sun Of Greece” 2009 (recorded in 1974-1975) Greece Psych Rock

The Sun Of Greece “The Sun Of Greece” 2009 (recorded in 1974-1975) Greece Psych Rock
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Limited 440 copies vinyl deluxe hand numbered edition, 180g vinyl, heavy gatefold cover and insert with group history and photos.

SUN OF GREECE is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic era. Their music is perfectly comparable with SOCRATES and
FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE with excellent hard psychedelic progressive sound, great fuzz guitars and hammond organ. The band was formed in Germany by
three Greek expatriates and one German in 1972. Original Greek lyrics were written during military service under dictatorship in the early 70s.
After the fall of the military junta, the band returned to Greece and released privately one of the rarest Greek singles ever, the holy grail for
collectors of 70s Greek psychedelic progressive music. At the same time, they recorded several other songs, which were supposed to become their
first album, but remained totally unreleased until today. This compilation presents for the first time ever these songs and their rare single, i.e.
everything that has been recorded by SUN OF GREECE between 1972 and 1975, 9 tracks in total. ....

- Στέφανος Ψωμάς (Stefanos Psomas) - guitars, vocals
- Μιχάλης Ψωμάς (Michalis Psomas) - vocals, bass
- Hans - Farfisa organ
- Παναγιώτης Μουτσάκης (Panagiotis Moutsakis) - drums


A1 Ο Αρχηγός
A2 Μαύρα Πουλιά
A3 Ο Ληστής Και Ο Φονιάς
A4 Θυμάμαι Εσένα
B1 Άλλοι Ζουν Άλλοι Πεθαίνουν
B2 Το Μαγεμένο Το Πουλί
B3 Σε Συναντώ, Με Συναντάς
B4 Μη Μετράς Τον Καϋμό Της Ζωής
B5 Μαύρα Πουλιά (Alternate Version)

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