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18 Mar 2017

Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos "Get Up !“ 1975 Japan Jazz Rock,Jazz Funk

Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos  "Get Up !“ 1975 Japan Jazz Rock,Jazz Funk

Akira Ishikawa his long time friend the pianist & arranger, Hiromasa ‘Colgen’ Suzuki, in a joint project of Fusion Jazz Funk such as played the Weather Report, featuring the Count Buffalo band. Titles include only original tracks specially composed for this album by Suzuki, except The Heated Point & Painted Paradise respectively recorded for Electro Keyboard Orchestra & Jiro Inagaki’s Funky Stuff albums, both released in 1974. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki…………..
Akira Ishikawa was born in Yokosuka in 1934. He played with Akira Miyazawa’s Modern All Stars; and later with Toshiyuki Miyama and his New Herd (in its early days), then left to form his own band The Gentures (try this on YouTube), which later gave birth to Count Buffalos. He was hugely influenced by African rhythms after visiting East Africa in the 1970. Hence the albums Uganda: Dawn of African Rock (more here) and then Bakishinba.
Besides working as a session musician and also on TV (he takes the blame for this theme tune for an NHK kids show), he spent a lot of time working on projects to benefit African kids). In the 1990s he founded the music club Piga Piga in Ebisu, which hosted some of the best live African sounds in Tokyo. He later moved back to live in Kenya, which is where he died in 2002………….

Akira Ishikawa - drums
Masaoki Terakawa - electric bass
Hiromasa Suzuki - electric piano, synthsesizers, arrangements
Takao Naoi - electric guitar
Larry Sunaga - percussion
Takeru Muraoka - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Eiji Arai - trombone (#2,4)
Masao Suzuki - alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute (#2-6)
Koji Hatori - trumpet (#2-6)
Hideo Ichikawa - electric piano (#1)

Recorded at Victor Studios on August 4-20, 1975.

1. Get Up!
2. Discharge
3. Heated Point
4. Painted Paradise
5. Stone River
6. Minor Jump 

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