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26 Mar 2017

Albino Gorilla “Detroit-1984” 1970 US Soul Funk

Albino Gorilla “Detroit-1984” 1970 US Soul Funk

“Albino Gorilla” was never a “real” band. In Detroit, some talented studiomics came together around 1970, started a studio project and played this album. The complete LP consists of covers of more or less famous and / or successful Motown recordings. The individual titles are held together by quite good funky instrumentals, the so-called interludes, which should give the album a uniform flow. These instrumentals have their own transparent radio beat and make up a lot of the charm of this album. 

To put it briefly, the cover of the LP is much better than the music itself. The subtile silhoutte of an end-time Detroit with the white gorilla with the blue eyes, which is too much of an abundance as in a children’s book (clap flap is called The in English), is simply awesome. Unfortunately, the genius of the music are missing. Here, in fact, something more interlude and a little less Motown hit would have been good. The covers rarely reach the quality of the originals. 

The interludes were at least somehow roughly sampled and in some dope hip-hop songs, for example from “Pete Rock” to “For the People”. 

Playful: the interludes - all interludes, nothing but the interludes 

Buy recommendation: If you are a producer looking for some cool hip-hop sounds, come a few years too late. Otherwise the disc is something for connoisseurs. Not necessarily bad, but not suitable for the average all-world flavor. Listen and access, if necessary. People who do not like Motown, and they should give it, the best of all the fingers of this piece of vinyl……EugenOhneland ………

A1. Jamaican Lady (Interlude) 
A2. Going To A Go Go 
A3. Jamaican Lady (Interlude) 
A4. Shake Me, Wake Me 
A5. Jamaican Lady (Interlude) 
A6. Cloud Nine 
A7. Jamaican Lady (Interlude) 
A8. Grapevine (I Heard It Through The) 
A9. Jamaican Lady (Interlude) 

B1. Swamp Fox (Interlude) 
B2. Bernadette 
B3. Swamp Fox (Interlude) 
B4. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 
B5. Swamp Fox (Interlude) 
B6. Love Child 
B7. Swamp Fox (Interlude) 
B8. Psychedelic Shack 

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