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31 Mar 2017

Booze Hoister Folk Group ‎ “The More You Booze, The Double You See” 1978 first album + “Tavern Tales” 1980 second album Dutch Private Psych Acoustic Folk

Booze Hoister Folk Group ‎ “The More You Booze, The Double You See” 1978 Dutch Private  Folk

Their second and final album sensibly prioritises songs over instrumentals, with the talented Ina van Beek taking all the lead vocals, and includes a few stunning numbers with a dreamy, symphonic, almost neoclassical feel. Both the traditional material and original compositions are interpreted superbly, so despite a couple of more throwaway numbers this is decidedly the better and more satisfying of their two releases………………….


   Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo, Vocals – Wim Kweens
   Bass, Twelve-String Guitar, Mandolin, Concertina, Vocals – Henk Van Beek
   Drums, Percussion – Arnold Verhofstad
   Engineer [Sound Mixer] – Annemieke Nossin
   Flute, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Reeds, Vocals – Jan Van Meelis
   Violin, Percussion – Pierre Koolen
   Vocals, Percussion, Kazoo – Ine Swinkels*

A1 Paddy Clancey’s Jig / Willie Clancy’s Fancy 
A2 Gary Owen 
A3 Whisky In The Jar 
A4 High Germany 
A5 Was You Ever In Quebec? 
A6 Donkey Reel 
B1 Dowd’s Favourite / £10 float / The Morning Dew 
B2 The Return 
B3 Mainland Reel 
B4 The Coo-Coo Bird 
B5 Day-Dream 
B6 Old Joe Clark 

Booze Hoister Band.“Tavern Tales” 1980 Dutch Private Excellent Folk Album.

The BOOZE HOISTER BAND is a dutch folk band wich started in 1980 the band grew from the band BOOZE HOISTER FOLKGROUP, wich allready had recorded a album in 1978.
Ine van Beek (then still Ine Swinkels),Henk van Beek and Pierre Koolen started the band because they didnt like the way the band was goin,more towards Folk Rock.BOOZE HOISTER BAND made one album “Tavern Tales” wich was a album full of irish folk music.

Ine Van Beek…..vocals,percussion
Henk Van Beek..bass,mandolin,vocals
Pierre Koolen…..violin,vocals
Arhur Birsak…….quitars
Mario Nossin……drums,percussion

A1 I'ld Rather Be A Dove 
A2 Garry Owen 
A3 Letters 
A4 The Piper O'Dundee 
A5 It’s A Beautiful Booze 
B1 Gay Lady Say 
B2 The Lady And The Dragoon 
B3 The Roisin’ Dubh / The Wind That Shakes The Barley 
B4 I Must And Will Get Married 
B5 She’s False As She’s Fair / Sleep Soond I’ Da Mornin’ / Peter Street 

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