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12 Mar 2017

Brother T. And Family"Drillin’ Of The Rock“ 1970 German Heavy Prog Blues Rock

Brother T. And Family  "Drillin’ Of The Rock “ 1970  German Heavy Prog Blues Rock 
Another side project of musicians of the group Lucifer’s Friend (along with Hell Preachers Inc., Electric Food, Asterix, Pink Mice) without the participation of John Lawton…………. 

Together on one disc, here are two more Exploito LP’s, dating from 1970 and 1967 respectively. ‘Drillin’ Of The Rock’, originally released in 1970 on the German budget label FASS (also Bokaj Retsiem, a.o.), is a free for all, fuzzed-out heavy organ marathon featuring members of Asterix/Lucifer’s Friend (ex-German Bonds) as well as The Tonics. 'Flipout’ contains great instrumental fuzzed-out covers of the hits of their day, including 'Paper Back Writer’, The 'In’ Crowd’, 'Let’s Get Stoned’, 'Bang Bang’, 'Satisfaction’, and more. Presented in a CD-format LP-sleeve……………. 

"Another album related to Lucifer’s Friend (In how much albums did play LF members in early seventies- Asterix, Pink Mice, Electric Food, Brother T & Family, LF of course. But singular members are involved in some other project, all from 70 to 72). Brother T & Family includes all original members of Lucifer’s Friend, except John Lawton. Their music seems to be an hard blues rock with a melodic touch. …….by… r0b0c0p. 

- Peter Hesslein - guitars, vocals 
- Peter Hecht - keyboards 
- Dieter Horns - bass, backing vocals 
- Joachim "Addi” Rietenbach - drums, percussion 

01. Drillin’ Of The Rock - 3:03 
02. Lookin’ For Barbara - 2:37 
03. Third Degree - 2:56 
04. Stranger - 3:15 
05. Stewball - 3:08 
06. Jim Crack Corn - 3:50 
07. Walking Down Paradise Street - 2:19 
08. Saga Of The Fly - 4:10 
09. Oh Love - 2:25 
10. Brother T. - 3:08 

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