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16 Mar 2017

Brownstone "Brownstone" 1973 US Psych Soul Rock

Brownstone  "Brownstone" 1973 US Psych Soul Rock
This early 70s, excellent bluesy rock band with great female vocals released this album on Playboy records. A very good straight rockin’ affair with catchy Melody’s, strong songs and invigorating guitar playing. “Hard Road” is a classic and although there is not much variation on this record the formula works well. .

A group whose story is still a mystery. As in some places reported, most of them are from Texas (neighborhoods of Houston), about from there their frontman-vocalist Bárbara López - from Galveston, also Texas. In the early 1970s, the band performed successfully in the California area, and when Bárbara López, bassist Steve Selberg, lead guitarist Douglas Welbaum, keyboardist Michael Frass, one more guitarist David P. Hoffman and drummer Samuel F. Johnson joined the band, At the studio “Devonshire” (North Hollywood, Los Angeles) and recorded material for the only self-titled album. Two records of that session appeared on the single (in June 1973) “Sweet Lullaby” / “Hard Road”, he and the album were released by the label “Playboy Records”, the audio division of the famous empire of the publications for the men of Mr. Hugh Hefner. Extremely rare single and album represent works with dominant female vocals on a background of mostly hard rock, with distorted guitars and organ inherent in the early 70’s. It is also worth mentioning an interesting version (in own arrangement) of the well-known song of the British band Free “Be My Friend”. The producers of the recording were Jerry Hudgins and Russell Schmitt……….
An extremely rare release on the Playboy Label (yes, the same Playboy as the Hugh Hefner rag) Female vocals on a fairly straight forward hard rock backdrop. Their sole album was released in 1973. Even though there’s little variation, the formula works well. Distorted guitars, organ, all the elements of an early 70’s rock band. ……………

Barbara Lopez - vocals 
Steve Selberg - bass, oboe, vocals 
Douglas Welbaum - lead guitar 
Michael Frass - keyboards, vocals 
David P. Hoffman - guitar, vocals 
Samuel F. Johnson - drums

A1 Free And Easy
A2 Sweet Lullaby
A3 Poor Soul
A4 Needs
A5 Party Music
B1 Everything´s Changing
B2 Be My Friend
B3 Too Much Woman
B4 Hard Road 

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