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28 Mar 2017

Circus "Circus"1973 US Hard Rock Power Pop

Circus "Circus"1973 US Hard Rock Power Pop

"Circus makes you 'Feel So Right'" read a headline in the Cleveland press of the time (1973), including the title of one of their best tracks as a kind of pun in this catchy headline.
Indeed, this Ohio band released this feel-good power pop album before any other band, except maybe the Raspberries, contributed to the history of what has since become a beloved, albeit confidential, kind of melodic music.
They did not quite reach the level of Blue Ash's first record released at about the same time but this is exhilarating guitar pop of the highest popphil ...........

Mick Sabol
Phil Alexander
Craig Balzer
Tom Dobeck
Bruce Balzer
Frank Salle

A1 Stop Wait And Listen 3:00
A2 When I'm Gone 2:43
A3 The Sea: Jonahs Fable 5:15
A4 My Captain 3:24
B1 Feel So Right 2:43
B2 Don't You Worry 2:34
B3 Lullaby For Michael & Lisa 4:54
B4 I Need Your Love 3:00
B5 Lets Have A Party 2:28 

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