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4 Mar 2017

Colomach “Colomach” 1974 Nigeria Afrobeat,Afro Rock Ethno Folk Psych

Colomach “Colomach” 1974 Nigeria  mega rare Afrobeat,Afro Rock Ethno Folk Psych…recommended…!
Soundway present a very limited vinyl-only re-issue of a truly unique and obscure LP from 1974. Performed bythe cultural rock band Colomach and led by Northern Togo musician Gneni Mamadou, this record was recorded in EMI Nigeria’s state-of -the-art studio and only ever released in Nigeria in tiny numbers. 

The original record is one of the rarest Afro-rock LPs ever made and has almost vanished since its production nearly 40 years ago. 

The album is a truly original fusion of traditional music from the arid Sahel region of West Africa (the northern areas of Togo, Ghana, Benin, Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria and parts of Burkina Faso and Mali) with raw ‘garagey’ psych-rock that was honed playing alongside similar 'cultural'bands of the era such as Hedzoleh Soundz and Edzayawa. ………….. 

Mysterious drum driven psychedelia of some Malian students in a Nigerian studio. Think Exuma / Dr. John. Colo below Mach disappeared promptly in niets.Highly recommended!…………. 

Out in 1974 on the mythical “EMI Nigeria” record label, this album is the one-and-only from the band Colomach, led by the Togolese Gneni Mamadou. 

This is one of my favourite Nigerian albums, because this band didn’t try to copy American Funk ; it includes 10 tracks from very different musical genres, from deep traditionnal Sahel sounds to Fuzzy Zambian Afro Rock Style !!………. 

An inspired cultural rock outing with Northern Togo musician Gneni Mamadou at the helm. With bristling bolts of fuzz streaking over beds of crunchy percussion accompanied by an epiphany of chants, Colomach helps map the Sahel soundscape of the 1970s. A top-drawer recording made at EMI Nigeria in 1974. 

Pearl coming from Nigeria. The group Colomach was formed in the mid-70s in Lagos and launched a unique and rare album in 1974, with a very low number of copies and was only reissued in 2013, by Soundaway. 
The eponymous album features 10 short tracks and quite similar to the rock that was in Africa 70s, garage rock with heavy influences from psychedelic, zam rock and afrobeat beyond traditional music made in the region. The fuzz guitar dominates, along with good passages of traditional percussion and drums. The lyrics are all in the local language, giving even more uniqueness to this record. …. 

The latest release from Soundway is with us, and it appears to be quite the special one. The more eagle eyed devotees among you may already know that Colomach’s tracks have appeared on a couple of infamous compilations in recent history (Soundway’s ‘The World Ends‘ and ‘Nigeria Rock Special‘ compilations), however, this is one album (recorded in 1974) that seems to have become as rare as hens teeth ever since. 
Although it might loosely be labelled as an ‘Afro-Rock’ LP, the tracks support the claims in the press release that the recording is so much more. The dominant sound is definitely one of West African ‘garage’ origins, however elements of ‘Zamrock’ and Afrobeat can be heard, as well as a fairly conspicuous nod to the deserts in the North. 

Limited to 500 copies on vinyl, the Colomach release is set to remain hard to come by in its original format. Alternatively you can pick it up digitally and on CD, but before that is your only option try and grab a copy on wax here whilst you can. 

Kpanlogo (Folklore) was the track that properly brought the release to my attention. Although it is fairly synonymous of the melodic, masculine songwriting on show it doesn’t come anywhere close to telling the full story. This is one album you really should give your time……………… 

Performed by the cultural rock band colomach & led by northern togo musician gneni mamadou, this record was recorded in emi nigeria’s state-of -the-art studio & only ever released in nigeria in tiny numbers. the album is a truly original fusion of traditional music from the arid sahel region of west africa (the northern areas of togo, ghana, benin, cote d'ivoire, nigeria & parts of burkina faso & mali) with raw 'garagey’ psych-rock that was honed playing alongside similar 'cultural’ bands of the era such as hedzoleh soundz & edzayawa. the original record is one of the rarest afro-rock lps ever made & has almost vanished since its production nearly 40 years ago. …………………….. 

A1 Enoviyin
A2 Ottoto Shamoleda
A3 Cotocun Gba Gounke
A4 Bernadetta
A5 (Flute) Sweet Sounds From Colomachi
B1 K Assa Kpa Sama Kpa
B2 Kpanlongo (Folklore)
B3 Pipan
B4 Yebo Blues
B5 (Acoustic Guitar) Sonorites Sahelienne 

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Cassete Deck

Cassete Deck