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28 Mar 2017

Elder Kindred ‎ “Kindred Spirits” 1971-1973 UK Prog Rock

Elder Kindred ‎ “Kindred Spirits” 1971-1973 excellent UK Prog Rock

Elder Kindred was a highly rated progressive rock band from Huntingdon, UK. They recorded these tracks in the period 1971-1973, but they didn’t release an album back in the day. Now at last the band’s well written songs, featuring guitars, organ and flute and influences from a.o. Caravan, Fruupp and Skin Alley, appear on vinyl. The LP’s are pressed on heavy black vinyl, in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies. An extensive band history by Pete Sarfas and extra sleeve notes from founder and original drummer Vincent Loakes are included. You also get a free CD of ‘Kindred Spirits’ that contains an extra song…..

8 long & previously unreleased tracks from '71 to '73. Clever rhythmic cross currents with intricate time changes richly textured by evocative harmonies and multi instrumentation. Incl. flute, sax, organ, guitars and similar to early SKIN ALLEY, NORTHWIND and SPRING……..

Highly accomplished and previously unreleased recordings by this eminently talented prog-rock outfit from Huntingdon. This superb material spans from 1971-73 and features long multi-instrumental tracks in a similar vein to Skin Alley and Caravan. Recently re-pressed due to continued demand and long overdue appreciation. In the same league as Fantasy, Cirkus etc. Includes a full band history provided by the musicians themselves…………….

This interesting ensemble arose in the summer of 1970 in the English town of Huntingdon. The core of it was formed by natives of the team Slow Dog. For several years, the guys gave concerts on British clubs and colleges. Often acted as a warm-up for rising stars - Uriah Heep, ELO, Renaissance, etc. At the same time, they gained experience. After some perturbations in the ranks of the collectives, the composition finally crystallized, and all the main tracks of this record were recorded. Let me announce the list: Nick Chimery (vocals, guitar, the sole author of texts and music), Jeff Nibbs (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Ivan Ward (alto saxophone, flute, percussion), Vincent Loax (drums), Simon Judd Keyboards). From the very first bars opening the disc of the song “Playing to You” it becomes clear: before us are the keepers of the glorious traditions of The Moody Blues. A characteristic rhythm-n-blues base, melodiousness and easy folk flair evoke quite clear associations. Alternation of vigorous windmills with soulful ballads - from the same series. However, to perceive Elder Kindred as imitators would be fundamentally wrong. They are the children of their time, who shared the scene with such colleagues in genre as Cressida and Spring (in comparison with the first, perhaps not so skilled in performing skills, but no less sincere than the latter). The sound picture of the release is approximately the following: active use of the melodic polyphony, soft “loose” parts of the organ of the Vox Continental series and electric piano, electroacoustic guitar cuts, trills of the flute - something playful, reminiscent of a spring breeze, sometimes reflexive and thoughtful. Of the eight presented, only four refer to 1973. The remaining half shows the activity of the band in their initial period: then Chris Curtis played the bass, and the sax was used as the leading wind instrument with the flute. However, the early repertoire stylistically is sustained in the above-mentioned manner, which means that the integrity of the plate is not violated.
So, dear fans of proto-progressives, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Kindred Spirits. I vouch: you will get unspeakable pleasure………….
Elder Kindred
*Nick Hemery - Guitar, Vocals
*Simon Judd - Keyboards
*Geoff Knibbs - Bass, Vocals
*Ivan Ward - Alto Sax, Flute, Percussion
*Vince Loakes - Drums
*Chris Curtis - Bass, Vocals (Tracks 7, 8)

Track List
01 Playing to you
02 Work song
03 Castles
04 To the old and young
05 Finding out
06 Saga
07 Rape
08 Superior camp 

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