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26 Mar 2017

Eulenspygel “2” ‘1971 Germany Heavy Kraut Rock

Eulenspygel “2” ‘1971 Germany Heavy Kraut Rock

The ROYAL SERVANTS, forerunners of EULENSPYGEL, were formed in 1965 in Swabia/Germany. Starting up with beat music, they gradually turned to Blues Rock, finally Progressive Psychedelic and released one album named “We”. In early 1971, they were one of the first bands to write their songs in German. So they changed their name into EULENSPYGEL the same year and the first new release was named “2”, recorded at the Maschen studio near Hamburg. The front cover caused a scandal because of a burnt chicken and was later substituted. This album documents the awakening of the german rock music on the way to its own identity. 

Musically they played on the same level as foreign bands including long instrumental parts, sometimes psychedelic coloured. Lyrics were full of social criticism. The lineup at this time was: Karl-Heinz Großhans (organ, vocals), Cornelius Hauptmann (flute), Ronnie Libal (bass), Günter Klinger (drums), Rainer 'Mulo’ Maulbetsch (vocals, harmonica), Detlev Nottrodt (guitar, vocals) and finally Matthias aka 'James’ aka 'Till’ Thurow (guitar, violin). Next LP “Ausschuss” was produced 1972 with the same members in London at the famous BEATLES Apple Studios. It succeeds in capturing the early-70’s progressive mood, sometimes angular sometimes mellow - in the year 2000 reissued on CD with several blues oriented bonus tracks produced by the reformed band in 1973/74. 

From 1975 on and after several lineup changes and unsuccessful attempts to find another record company, the group was a quartet with only one remaining original member Detlev Nottrodt. After years of not much activity their eponymous third album was recorded and released in 1979 with 10 songs, later also offered on two compact discs with several additional tracks. This was followed by “Laut & Deutlich” 4 years later. The last two records changed to mainstream conventional mellow rock with less creativity and none of their radical political lyrics. EULENSPYGEL disbanded for good in late 1983. 

With “Staub auf deinem Haar” recorded 1973 but released in 2004 for the first time they were demonstrating that they could convince their fans on the stage too. 
At the moment this is the last sign of life of this interesting german band……..

Eulenspygel was first known by the name Royal Servants. They released their debut album under that name and then changed their name to Eulenspygel. This was their second studio album and it’s their most famous work. The record has German lyrics and their sound is a pretty organ driven progressive krautrock style. 

In my opinion this record is better than their first album. Although I can’t understand the lyrics at all this is musically a bit more interesting. Their first album includes maybe two or three very good songs but overall it’s an inconsistent totality. That’s not the case with this album. 2 is a very balanced record in my opinion. It deserves 3,5 stars out of five which means it’s a good package of krautrock but not one of the highlights of the genre….by..CooperBolan….

Appealing Teutonic-sounding hardrock, similar in feel to Rufus Zuphall and Gaa, though musically less adventuresome. I wouldn’t have picked up on the band’s purported socialist leanings, if not for Tovan’s review. Perhaps the cover is meant to symbolize the effects of economic imperialism?…by….Phallus Dei ….

Nice and recommended early kraut/heavy rock with mediocre German vocals,fine flute parts,raw violins,a massively tortured Hammond organ and influences from blues,psych and classical music.Typical German prog sound of the time,mostly well-performed…….by…..apps79……


Matthias Thurow / guitars, violin 
Cornelius Hauptmann / flute 
Ronnie Libal / bass 
Detlev Nottrodt / guitars, vocals 
Günter Klinger / drums 
Rainer 'Mulo’ Maulbetsch / vocals, harmonica 
Karl Heinz Grosshans / organ, vocals

A1 Till 3:45 
A2 Son My (My Lay) 11:14 
A3 Konsumgewäsche 4:03 
B1 Staub Auf Deinem Haar 7:58 
B2 Die Wunde Bleibt 1:58 
Das Lied Vom Ende (10:15) 
B3a Erstens
B3b Alt
B3c Jung Sein
B3d Hastig Und Kaputt
B3e Das Ende Vom Lied 

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