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26 Mar 2017

Eulenspygel “Ausschus” ‘1972 German Kraut Rock

Eulenspygel “Ausschus” ‘1972  German Kraut Rock
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“Ausschuß” - the second studio album of the German kraut-rock formation Eulenspygel. Work on it was originally planned to be held in England, and the participants decided to record the record in two versions - in their native language (for distribution at home) and in English (for implementation abroad). All the material for “Ausschuß” was prepared and recorded in London’s Apple Studios in record time, literally in a few days - April 4-8, 1972. On vinyl this work (28 780-5 U) was published not so long ago by the formed West German label Spiegelei (it also recorded such rock stars as Kraan and Hoelderlin). However, only the original version saw the light, because the English version was lost together with other studio master tapes. The album turned out to be unusually mature, beautiful and in no way inferior to its predecessor. Six original compositions of this record were interesting primarily thanks to long solo parts and their rich polyphony, which in turn was created by a variety of instruments, including a very interesting brass section. 
In CD format, “Ausschuß” officially appeared in the world in 2000 thanks to the efforts of the German label Garden Of Delights. He had a completely different design of the cover than the original release and included in his track list seven curious bonus compositions … However, it should be added that in 1994 for the first time on the CD there was also an unofficial edition of this album, which was released in Luxembourg by the Germanofon label (941017). It includes a track list consisting of six original things, and, importantly, it can surprise the listener with the quality of its sound. Never treat bootlegs with indifference and disdain until you are personally acquainted with the quality of their material …

Eulenspygel deserve their own chapter in the “Best Of Krautrock” handbook! After the success of their first album (titled 2), the recording for their follow up Ausschuss (Trash) would take place inside Abbey Road Studios in London. If you are a fan of Krautrock then you need to own this album! Imagine opening up with a 22 mins epic progressive rock track which ebbs and flows with some of the finest prog I have heard in a long long time. The instrumentation on this album are vast as well with some sitar, lots of mellotron, violin, flute and hand percussison. According to the liner notes during this recording they borrowed Rod Argents keyboards (who was in Abbey Road Studios at the same time)….also explains the heavy and wonderful keyboard work on this album. This is clever ever-changing 70’s vintage krautrock which I guarantee will make you smile! This might be just simply one of the best Krautrock albums I have ever heard……………

- Detlev Nottrodt / guitar, vocals 
- James Thurow / guitar, violin, Mellotron, sitar 
- Cornelius Hauptmann / flute, alto sax 
- Karl Heinz Großhans / organ, synth 
- Ronnie Libal / bass 
- Rainer 'Mulo’ Maulbetsch / vocals 
- Günter Klinger / drums, percussion 
- Peter Weber / bass (10-13) 
- Tilmann Fuchs / guitar (7-13) 
- Martin Gnädinger / keyboards (10-13) 
- Wolfgang Haisch / drums (10-13) 
- Benno Schrader / saxophone, flute (7-13)

4-Herzliches Beileid 
5-Der Fremde 
7-Sechs Uhr aufstehen 
8-Junge, was willste draußen 
9-Mich kotzt hier alles an 
12-Freut Euch, Kinder 

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