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1 Mar 2017

Faun “Faun” (ex-members of Frumious Bandersnatch) 1970 US ultra rare Private Psych Rock

Faun “Faun” (ex-members of Frumious Bandersnatch) 1970  US ultra rare Private Psych Rock
Very seldom scene West Coast early Progressive Rock band which centered around the writing, singing and keyboard playing of James Trumbo. Also featuring the ex-members of Frumious Bandersnatch; George Tickner and Ross Vallory who both went on to form the early Journey. There are various eclectic elements involved in this music, its intelligent and cutting edge. Eleven songs featuring the non-charting single “Son of a Literate Man/Yes I’m Really Lonely”. Other titles include “Velvet Pillows and Crystal Dreams”, “We Hope Your Feeling Better”, “Looking for Sunshine”, “Better Dig What You Find” and “Follow Me”. Awesome music here and Extremely Rare ! ….

Lynn Chatwin (vocals)
James Trumbo (vocals, keyboards)
George Tickner (guitar)Ross Valory (bass)
Don Banducci (Guitar)
Royal Martin (Guitar)
A1 Yes I’m Really Lonely 3:25
A2 Son Of A Litterate Man 2:00
A3 The Girl With A Lonely Eyes 2:20
A4 Velvet Pillows And Crystal Dreams 5:05
A5 Albert Should I Stand Here In The Hallway? 1:00
A6 We Hope You’re Feeling Better 1:54
B1 Looking For Sunshine 4:45
B2 I Asked My Mother 1:50
B3 Better Dig What You Find 2:45
B4 Wierd Rudy 2:05
B5 Follow Me 5:57 

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