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29 Mar 2017

Forest Green “Forest Green” 1973 US Prog Jazz Pop Rock

Forest Green  “Forest Green” 1973 US Prog Jazz Pop Rock
This charming record got to us from the city of brotherly love, better known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As it turns out, they only got one album, but the band had a couple of notable names in their composition. So, keyboardist Ray Barrett later appeared in the early version of the list of musicians of the Los Angeles hard rock band Fortune, and guitarist Tim Jordan can be found with his six-stringed instrument on the classic 1986 AOR album of New York’s The Ladder. Forest Green toured up and down the entire eastern coast of the States, were on tapping and such more eminent compatriots as Hall & Oates, Todd Rundgren, Bruce Springsteen, participated in a grand show along with Roy Buchanan and NRBQ in Central Park of New York. Ironically, they are called jazz-rock or fusion bands, but the full spectrum of the sound of Forest Green is actually much wider.
In fact, it should be noted their compliance with the work of Lee Michaels, Sugarloaf and the first album Shadowfax in the form of a trump of pop rock and progressive rock. The composition ‘Never Found A Way’ is a rock opening with a cool organ melody and a scatter of medley-style flute shots that turns into an underwater 'I’ve Been This Way Before’, which has a softer contact with the listener, but no less dramatic. A warm atmosphere permeates the whole album with the sound of a large number of woodwinds and catchy, but good jazz brass capabilities. The track 'What It’s All About’ has a well-composed text, while the instrumental 'Black Shepard’ is a soft Celtic scent and flutes of a flute similar to the Gentle Giant, though less complex. The entertaining “The Ballad Of Widow Jenkins And Rita” includes pieces of music about Alfred Hitchcock’s works, albeit too cute for her own good, but spacious, gradually creating 'Boundless Sky’, and then the album’s most aggressive and blues track - 'Mountain’, leaving a clean aftertaste, as from one of the most enjoyable moments of the whole work. It would be very good to one day get this album on a CD to remember the glorious times of Forest Green, while their only vinyl LP is still very hard to find ……..
A1 Never Found A Way 
Written-By – Timothy Jordan 
A2 I’ve Been This Way Before 
Written-By – Syd Silverstein 
A3 What It’s About 
Written-By – Timothy Jordan 
A4 Black Shepherd 
Written-By – Arthur Cohen (5) 
A5 Beggar Man 
Written-By – Ray Barrett 
B1 Scream Fear 
Written-By – Syd Silverstein 
B2 The Ballad Of Widow Jenkins And Rita 
Written-By – Arthur Cohen (5) 
B3 Movin’ To The Country 
Written-By – Syd Silverstein 
B4 Boundless Sky 
Written-By – Ray Barrett 
B5 Mountain 
Written-By – Timothy Jordan 

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