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28 Mar 2017

Frank Robson ‎ "Robson" 1974 Finland Prog Jazz Rock

Frank Robson ‎  "Robson" 1974 Finland Prog Jazz Rock

British born Robson is most known as the original vocalist for Tasavallan Presidentti (and Blues Section prior to that), and he appeared on their first two albums. Not surprisingly, he brings the same blues rock styled vocals to his first solo album. The album itself could have been a Tasavallan Presidentti release, being an eclectic affair mixing horn rock, jazz, blues, progressive and plain old rock and roll. The prominent use of horns adds a unique dimension and raises the quality a couple of points. Other than a heavy reliance on a Mini-Moog, the album sounds older, more akin to a 1970 ........
Very inventive album by a one-time Tasavallan Presidentti member. There's some typically Finnish eccentricity on display here, amazingly technical instrumental passages that go along with goofy humorous bits, recalling Robson's parent band as well as Wigwam or Haikara. It's amazing how most of the accomplished Finnish musicians of the 1970s didn't turn all prog until the middle of the decade at least, remaining instead in a lightweight sorta proto-proggish mode. You don't have to be dead serious to play good ...........

Bass – Markku Lievonen 
Drums – Tapani Ikonen 
Flute – Seppo Paakkunainen 
Guitar – Sami Hurmerinta 
Organ – Esa Kotilainen, Frank Robson 
Piano – Frank Robson, Markku Lievonen 
Saxophone – Seppo Paakkunainen 
Synthesizer [Moog] – Esa Kotilainen 
Trombone – Mircea Stan, Tom Bildo 
Vocals – Frank Robson

A1 Sky Deep 4:18 
A2 What Did You Do About It 5:35 
A3 House Without A Name 4:40 
A4 Jenny 5:28 
B1 Fantasy Opens 8:30 
B2 I Bring You Spring 3:53 
B3 Ticket Train 3:00 
B4 After The Party 8:40 

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