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23 Mar 2017

Garybaldi "Storie di Un'altra Città" 2016 Italy Prog Rock

Garybaldi  "Storie di Un'altra Città" 2016 Italy Prog Rock

From the Genoese group Garybaldi comes 'Storia Di Un'Altra Città' (Stories From Another City), a full 16-years after the previous album 'La Ragione E Il Torto'. Thanks to the fresh, fluid and inspired songwriting, this work gives new vitality to one of the fundamental bands of the early '70s Italian rock scene. This is a very diverse record, featuring bold, unsentimental guitars and keyboards that propel the album towards the future rather than looking wistfully towards the past................

With the death of Pier Nicolò "Bambi" Fossati, in June 2014, it looked like they had finally dropped the curtain on Garybaldi, historical group of Italian pop of the '70s. And instead, thanks to the obstinacy of Maurizio Cassinelli, the band's drummer since the legendary "Nuda" dated 1972, and even 16 years from the last work ( "The right and wrong"), here we are talking about the Genovese group struggling with the new work "Tales of another city." The formation, as expected, is revamped and, alongside Cassinelli, we now Jon Morra (keyboards and vocals), Alessandro Paolini (vocals and bass), Davide Faccioli (guitars) and Marco Biggi (drums). There are also guests on the album including bassist point (ex Garybaldi) Angelo Traverso and David Jackson (ex VDGG) on sax and flute. Present the same "Bambi" Fossati, co-author of a couple of songs and lead vocals and guitar on "Close at a time." Very nice album cover and illustrations of the book by the painter Pietro Spica, far, far away from the stretch of Guido Crepax in "Nuda", but still true to the unwritten law of progressive, that the eye wants his side. 
A dominate the 10 compositions are especially the Faccioli guitar and Morra keyboards. The presence, as well as the sax and flute, viola, violin, cello, French horn and bassoon in some songs, confers additional flavors and shades to the group's music. The starting point is the beloved hard-rock progressive seventies matrix, but the excellent choice of sounds and careful production away soon "Stories of another city" by the easy shooting of styles "vintage" (fully however legitimate) and place the full album in a current context. 
Aggressive from the outset with "On the road", the band demonstrates its verve with a powerful rhythmic and well-articulated and important solo interventions of Morra-Faccioli duo. "The city of Blà" (which he co-authored Fossati) is one of the best parts of the album. Riff nervous but also the violin Roberto Piga to soften the bumps. Still a convincing start with "William Fix" in which they make their way sax Jackson and then an airy "only" almost new prog keyboards. The piece continues to offer much thanks to the intervention of the flute and the "goodies" represented by the bassoon and French horn, creating a timeless atmosphere and very impressive to which is added "the scream" Sax of the former ?? VDGG. As a yearning melancholy is "Lonely people" with a significant boost offered by the strings. "Near at a time" allows us to hear once again the voice and the "Bambi" guitar and is a pleasant, but also sad, listen ... The three sections of "Nine" are another great highlight of the album: a bright instrumental characterizes the first part, an electro-acoustic cantautorato prevails in the second, while the third is still a quick and instrumental guessed. "The wind changes the way" place closed, it is still dominated by the arches and enriched by a beautiful and nostalgic "only" Faccioli. 
If, just became aware of a new album on behalf Garybaldi, harbored some doubts on the value or "why?" Of this operation, Now, after a few listens of "Stories of another city" all uncertainty is dispelled and I calmly I would advise this sincere and in step with the times that album will not be a masterpiece, but certainly a good product that can keep company, would not look at the historical production of this important Italian group.....................
Decades have passed since teenager, I found myself on a Saturday night in a Genoa smaller theater to watch a rock evening made of three musical successively entities, with closing of the most important band, the one that was playing at home and had a leader It is known to all, that Bambi Fossati who left us prematurely. 
Of water under the bridge has passed but the Garybaldi continue to offer their music, very far from what I heard that ancient night, probably in 1974. 
Of the founders remained in the line-up officer, Maurizio Cassinelli, much less addicted to the traditional role of drummer and more focused on singing, composition and ... soul of the band. 
Many are young people that have been contorniate, and this in itself is enough to make people understand how Garybaldi are now another thing, a totally new design and fresh, whose musical serenity immediately produce an album ... a great album! 
And 'it was released a few days ago a new chapter comes to sixteen years as "The distance right and wrong": "Stories of another city." 
It is not difficult to decode the title metaphor of what I have tried to summarize in the lines above: if it is true that the group likes to tell, as always, the stories, the current ones belong to another place, simply for the fact that the protagonists have changed and each new entry is the bearer of ideas and experience that is necessary to turn into music, without forgetting the past, but trying to look over. 
I am a witness of their vitality in live stage: it's not often you can listen to the album of a band that also has the ability to "observe" almost live at the same time, when you can not hide behind the push technology, but It must give proof of cohesion and design robustness. 
Their live, at which it was officially presented the new disc in Genoa - Porto Antico Prog Fest - was in my exciting judgment and, excluding some obvious discrepancy in the run-in phase, allowed to present the new face of an "old" band, which already ancient in name only. 
To embellish the whole an amazing host, David Jackson that very friend of Italy, which just went to Genoa in '72 with his Van der Graaf Generator. His participation in the disc, perhaps created by chance, became love for the music of Garybaldi, and the emphasis with which I spoke in the backstage of the Festival leaves no doubt about his sincerity: I propose to follow the video for "William Fix ", the song that sees him in the album and gives a good idea of ​​what the group today. 
Ten different songs to each other, pointing toward much more progressive aspects, powered by great skills of the "new" and the desire to keep the game's story, combining a strong melodic line. The fantastic and the concluding "The wind changes the road," added at end of article, I will clarify my thinking. 
Bambi Fossati is present in an exciting song, "Close at a time", a novel of 2004, as told to follow Cassinelli, it appears very close to the new philosophy of the group. And 'this an act that creates a real bridge between past and future, though the interview there emerges as another Bambi material, which could possibly be used in a new episode dedicated to him. 
But I think there is very little nostalgic in "Stories of another city." 
From the "power" of the long opening track, "On the road", you switch to the more prim "Blà of Town" - song whose text written over the years by Cassinelli and Fossati, took shape only now with the musical performance of Jon Morra, vocals and keyboards. 
Virtuosity and seventies atmospheres for "landward", while particularly affects the very current "Lonely people" - Try to think of the lonely people, a challenge that is no more ... try to think of an empty room to be filled with TV ... but the road does not end here, outside is another day, it will even end up sooner or later. 
The song - and number - perfect is the "Nine" triptych, an effective text, fulcrum between two instrumental pieces that highlight the extraordinary talents of arrangers and interpreters of the aforementioned Cassinelli and Morra, Alessandro Paolini - a sight to see him on stage with the electric bass -, guitarist Davide Faccioli and drummer Marco Biggi. 
A great album, a big surprise that I think might be of great interest to those not usually hangs out the progressive music niche.................
In recent years, there are the surprises in the field of Italian Progressive Rock, after the recent return of the Agora is the time of Garybaldi historians. With the Genoese but we have much turn back in time, even in 1965, when the guitarist Pier Niccolò "Bambi" Fossati, drummer Maurizio Cassinelli, bassist Angelo Traverso and guitarist Marco Zoccheddu (Nuova Idea)  formed Gleemen, band Rock from 60s influences. They enter in law in the history of Progressive general in 1971, when they change the name to Garybaldi and especially in the following year when they produce “Nuda”  album always guided by Fossati guitars Hendrix style. Famous was the cover to the work of Guido Crepax laminate and can be opened in three parts. music and physical substance Excellence. The band in the following years (after "Astrolabe" of 1973) splits, creating new projects, but in fact by the time you lose track, except find them in record stores with some reprints. 

With great pleasure I find myself now in the hands of a new album, “Storie Di Un'altra Città” and I do not hide the emotion I feel when I find the name printed on the cover Garybaldi. Again a beautiful artwork, this time by Pietro Spica, finally a hardcover with an accompanying booklet readable texts and full of beautiful watercolor illustrations. Everything is already very Prog! 

But Garybaldi today who are they? Maurizio Cassinelli (drums, vocals), Jon Morra (keyboards, vocals), Alessandro Paolini (bass, bass), Davide Faccioli (guitars) and Marco Biggi (drums). However the musicians do not end there, the disk alternate numerous special guests and make some heartfelt bounce Prog fans in the throat with emotion, here is the return of Bambi Fossati, guitar and vocals on ,“Il Vento Cambia Strada” or David Jackson (VDGG) sax and flute in "William Fix" and Angelo Traverso with his bass in the song “Il Vento Cambia Strada”. Participating dozens of other musicians, but I'll leave you a taste for research. Important executive produced by Matthias Scheller, a name and a guarantee within. 

The album consists of ten songs starting with “Sulla Strada”.. It dispels all doubts about the musical proposal, the years pass, but love for what it is remains steel. Hard Prog by sharp riffs, as often happened to also listen to the first recordings of the New Trolls or Ticket To Hell. Turn the Hammond, the sounds subside and for once the voice of singing in Italian is not bad, the Garybaldi work very well in the chorus. Tasty guitar solo, because who has experience (in fact) know that listening is also broken with these situations. 

“Città Di Blà” composed together with Bambi Fossati, introduces instruments arches in the Rock, with the violin Roberto Piga, a combination that is damn vintage. "William Fix" is one of the songs that I liked, for energy and attitude, because the Rock is made of guitar, be it prog, symphonic, or as you understand it. Then it becomes space when they leave the Marillioniana keyboards memory. Ultimately, however, are songs that always play on taking the chorus and verse mutable, a purely Italian prerogative, based on pleasant melodies. It goes beyond “Verso Terra”, simple and direct. Back with the symphony People Alone ", a ballad that speaks of man and of his loneliness, a reflexive moment that recalls the Italian Pop the years gone by, Pooh in the first place, but with only one central spine-tingling guitar. 

There are suites, only medium or short songs, to make room for fluidity, a choice that I think guessed. “Vicino In Un Momento” is engaged in the lyrics and hard in support guitar. Following the trilogy "9" three sound situations in which is found in all its splendor what is the Progressive Rock, including electric, acoustic and chorus. The disc ends with  “Il Vento Cambia Strada”.

At this point you may wonder if this work is a blast from the past and therefore it is an important "longing", my answer is no, they are the Garybaldi and what should they play? Disco pleasant, one of the most interesting releases in the field Prog Rock this year. Genoa, or better ... Zena, how many artists, how much beautiful music to exist luck. MS

A1 Sulla Strada
A2 Citta' Di Bla'
A3 William Flix
B1 Verso Terra
B2 La Gente Sola
B3 Vicino In Un Momento
B4 Nove.1
B5 Nove.2
B6 Nove.3
B7 Il Vento Cambia Strada 

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