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24 Mar 2017

General "Rockin’ & Rollin’ 1975 Poland Pop Rock

General  "Rockin’ & Rollin’ 1975 Poland Pop Rock
After the 1974 General recorded a second album in English albums as well. He did this in Poland. It is well known that the CMEA countries were Hungary popgyarmatai the ‘70s. Many bands (eg. Mini, LGT, Scorpio, Omega) is sometimes more concerts abroad than at home. Poland was one of the largest “consumer market”. Does LGT has also recorded a studio album out. Scorpio quasi first album (album Zalatnay) is the Czech record. (I note, Revesz’s singing a song.)

This disk-General Poland sold in 200,000 copies. Of course, in a country four times larger. At home, has not been issued, is now available for HUF 4-5000 disk market. Rarity. Revesz still sing, but Karácsony János LGT was already confirmed shows. Charles took his place Paczári who is not bad, but not a class as James.

I mentioned about the Pyramid English language album to Revesz - although he could speak English well, because he lived for a year in England - English-agent with the Pyramid was not as impressive as in English. It is interesting, however, is that all right here. The English version is not only sang again, but also to re-studio musical winners. An exception is the Netherlands and West Germany was released singles Everybody Join Us. Furthermore, this respect interesting that compared to the other songs of the aforementioned single, Wheather Cock (Szélkakas), however, again played for the big drive. Hungarian me the original studio versions like them better without exception. Polish report, better country than the USA before Suzy (Fat of the day). Where I’m Going In (Where to go?) Funny accent clipped, slightly pattogósabb well as Hungarian.

The disc is not only interesting because in English, but also because it included songs that did not appear in the Hungarian large plates and small plates. Everybody Join us for such a crazy dream and I sang in English in an unconventional way. Eerily similar to the songs of Led Zeppelin, The Crunge price. The General resembled many of the features of ZEP away. Good record. After boatman’s departure, Charlie took his place, the band has evolved musically. However, in 1977 - also in Poland - they have released a great album in English. Similarly, a large number of copies as the first…………..

Backing Vocals – Mari Herczku*, The Mikrolied Backing Vocal*, Edit Szigeti*, Éva Várszegi*
Bass Guitar – Gábor Novai*
Drums, Percussion – András Póta*
Electric Piano [Fender And Hohner Piano], Lead Guitar [Solo Guitar] – Mátyás Várkonyi*
Engineer [Operator Dźwięku] – M. Gola*
Lead Guitar [Solo Guitar] – Károly Paczári*
Lead Vocals [Solo Vocal] – Sándor Révész*
Recording Supervisor [Reżyser Nagrania] – M. Pakosiewicz*

01. Rockin And Rollin
02. I’m So Lazy
03. The Story Of My Lady
04. O.K. Tomorrow
05. Question
06. Suzy
07. Where I’m Going
08. Őrült álom
09. A Song For You

Stafeta - 1973
General - 1975
Rockin’ and Rollin’(Engl.) - 1975
Zenegep - 1977
Heart of Rock(Engl.) - 1978
Piros Picikli - 1979 

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