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15 Mar 2017

Hookah "Розовый дым" 2016 Russia Prog art-rock, garage, post-folk

Hookah  "Розовый дым" 2016  Russia  art-rock, garage, post-folk Country 
In 2016, the performer of "Hookah" presented the CD "Pink Smoke". Undoubtedly, this album will appeal to fans of genre music: Rock, Art Rock, Folk Rock. "Pink smoke" contains 8 tracks, a total duration of 44 minutes........

Before us the debut work of musicians from Krasnodar:
"If the minstrels of medieval squares could watch a movie and use a guitar overload, they would sing that way. The plate "Pink smoke" - a weightless-dark folk-engraving about an inexplicable run under a slope, along a crumbled tile. If the world falls with a leaden cloud into the oil abyss, it is the noise and screech of ancient melodies - from Celtic folk to baroque, this is the singing of inaudible pipes. Guitars soar up to fall, cracking the stern-rested bass. The drums fly out in all directions, clearing the way for the ingratiating baritone - he sings about how time fades. And that even after such a fascinating and chilling final is still ahead ... ".
Now about our own, and, of course, subjective, listening experiences.
Let's start with the texts. As I understand, the authors are admirers of Viktor Pelevin's creativity.
I dare to suggest, hence the deviation of lyrics in postmodernism.
However, we are dealing with music and here, alas, such texts are difficult to perceive by ear. Moreover, personally it was not easy for me, as they say, to enter their deepest meanings and in printed form. They seemed to me too much oversaturated, disorganized poetic images for a musical work, albeit with an art-fatal bias.
By the way, about art-rock. Again, alas, I can not fully reckon this work to this intricately classified and whimsical musical direction.
How could I not find the expressed influence of folk here, except for minute inclusions, as, for example, in the penultimate composition "Whirlpool".
For me - it's a quality performed guitar music, which is not alien melody.
Unfortunately, music and texts are not formed into a single harmonious work. There was a stubborn desire to try to listen to either music, or to get into the lyrics. Male vocal also did not contribute to this, because, as they say, he did not call for himself or encourage author's thoughts and moods.
The conclusion is this:
While I see the same distinctive feature of the so-called Russian rock, when music is drowned and lost in the desire of the authors to convey to the listeners the very hidden and obvious figurative-poetic deep meanings. For me, actually memorable music here is not enough ...
As I understand, the guys are patronized by musicians of the group I respect "Orgy of the Righteous", which are just an example, how it is possible to combine deep clever content texts and talented interesting music. The last album is a confirmation of this, when every song wants to be listened to, and in the tests to dig about with addiction ... however, so it can be said about all their work.
Realizing that the team is young, only at the beginning of the path, the guys are trying to find their own style, to find their own face and are drawn to art, I wish the group further development, inspiration and creative success!
Thank you for the opportunity to listen to the album....................

1. Нефть 
02. Хука Поёт 
03. Розовый Дым 
04. Вирджиния 
05. Метаморфозы 
06. Белый Лён 
07. Омут 
08. Абрау

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