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23 Mar 2017

Il Balletto Di Bronzo "Di Lino Ajello E Marco Cecioni - Cuma 2016 DC" 2016 Italy Prog Rock

Il Balletto Di Bronzo "Di Lino Ajello E Marco Cecioni - Cuma 2016 DC" 2016 Italy Prog Rock

The group was formed in the late 1960s in Naples (Italy) under the name of Battitori Selvaggi and played at NATO military bases. She changed her name to Il Balletto di Bronzo, then in 1968 - 1969, with vocalist and guitarist Marco Cecioni, guitarist Lino Ajello, bassist Michele Cupaiuolo and drummer Giancarlo Stinga ) The group recorded in 1970 the first album Sirio 2222, characterized by a transitional from psychedelic to progressive sound. 
The album "Ys", recorded by this Neapolitan group in 1972, is rightly considered to be one of the central works of the Italoprogress at the moment. By the time the legendary album "Ys" was released, the band was reinforced with the wonderful keyboardist Gianni Leone, who also had excellent vocal performance (from the first Citt Frontale band), and Vito Manzari, who came from Quelle Strane Cose Che, took on the bass guitar. The record turned out to be completely different. - very complex and 
An exceptionally beautiful sympho prog in the spirit of YES and ELP, and the keyboard player works no worse than Wakeman or Emerson. A special role was played by the conceptual fairytale lyrics, which tells about the legendary English island of Ys. The album brought the band a well deserved success, but in 1973 it was dissolved. 
In 1990, a retrospective album by a group called Il Re Del Castello was released, which included material recorded by Il Baletto Di Bronzo in 1969. This work is stylistically close to what we hear on the team's debut album, but it's much simpler and easier on the part of the sound. 
In the late nineties, Gianni Leone reorganized the band, inviting bassist Romolo Amici and drummer Ugo Vantini from the non-pro gram Divae formation. And in 1999 the band composed a live album "Trys", mostly based on the material of the album "Ys" " .................

CUMA 2016 A.D. It does not taste of a simple and now increasingly common revival of operation where nostalgia dictates the rules of listening. CUMA 2016 A.D. is a child project of love and passion for rock music of Lino and Marco Ajello Cecioni (ex Bronze Ballet) with special guest Gianni Leone leader and heir of il Balletto di Bronzo was born two years ago that calls into play the first half formation of this band in 1970 released the album Sirio 2222 (RCA) bridge of dialogue between the rock of the 60s and the new progressive sounds of pinkfloydiane matrix. In this new album we find the singer Marco Cecioni, that after a long artistic experience as a painter, graphic artist and sculptor gained in Sweden is back in play writing most of the music and lyrics of the new songs, except for the song "Order Disorder "compound with bassist Alessandro Stellano and guitarist Lino Ajello. The latter, after the prog experience with Gianni Leone with the album "YS" (Polydor, 1972) Balletto di Bronzo, returned to Italy, he has reignited his amplifier and shouldered the guitar. For Alessandro Stellano they also have all the arrangements of the disc including a new version of "Hot Snow" which features the presence of keyboardist and composer Gianni Leone (nee Leonero). With three historical components Cecioni, Ajello and Leo guest (which is also found in the song "Order and Disorder") CUMA in 2016 A.D. They played with energy, professionalism and personality: Francesco del Prete (son of Franco del Prete, Showmen, Napoli Centrale, South Express) and Alfonso Mocerino on drums, and Tony Crescenzo Alessandro Guido on keyboards. "«La passione è l’ossigeno dell’anima»" he has repeatedly stated the well-known cinematographer Bill Butler and in this album it oozes from every "wake", as each track, from every note. CUMA 2016 A.D. It is a sincere album, a labor of love for the world of "7 notes", the one where dwell distorted guitars, powerful rhythm sections, high-impact keyboards and much energy. "
"So, on the one hand there are us,Il Balletto Di Bronzo, the historical group of Italian progressive I, Gianni Leone, I reformed in 1995 and since then has produced discs, DVDs and many concerts in Italy and abroad; the other is "The Flax Bronze Ballet and Marco Ajello Cecioni", recently created group around the project called "CUMA DC 2016", composed of the two core members of the Ballet Lino Ajello and Marco Cecioni and young musicians from Naples . Lino and Marco asked me to play and sing as a guest on a couple of songs on this cd their - currently out on the market - and I did it with pleasure. In fact, "Cuma 2016 DC" was to be the name of this their new formation. Why is this situation "bizarre"? Because we are friends, and we think that, as for decades have peacefully coexisted on the shelves of record stores and in the homes of our admirers the two "Sirio 2222 album" - the first training - and "Ys" - the second (the one I was a member) - we also want to be pioneers in this: we think it is possible the coexistence of two groups with a very similar name (for my kind and friendly concession) but with very different kinds, composed of core members of the original two formations. Utopia? Illusion? We'll see. 
Yes, I recognize that it is indeed no simple catch at first glance the differences between "Il Balletto Di Bronzo" and "Il Balletto Di Bronzo Lino Ajello and Marco Cecioni" If you stop at a simple little article or review of a few lines, here is the because of this provision "official". In the history of music never before had come to create a similar situation (two active groups at the same time with similar names and very different kinds), but, as I said before, we like to experience new situations. All this, avoiding coivolgere ... 
lawyers, then no fees to pay anyone! 
Everything is clear now? I hope so...............

Lino Ajello и Marco Cecioni. 
Lino Ajello - guitar 
Marco Cecioni - vocals & guitar 
Gianni Leone - vocals & keyboards 
Alessandro Stellano - vocals & Bass 
Francesco Del Prete - drums 
Alessandro Crescenzo - keyboards 
Alfonso Mocerino - drums 
Stefano Formato - guitar 
Adriana Salomone - vocals 

Da Soli
Figlio Dei Fiori
Neve Calda New Version
Bivio Acido
Un Mondo Da Salvare
Vorrei Essere Un Deejay (Eivissa)
Una Meta
Big Mama
Ordine Disordine 

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