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1 Mar 2017

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media & Sammy “Wandering Birds” 1971 Japan Heavy Jazz Funk, Psych Jazz Rock

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media & Sammy “Wandering Birds” 1971  Japan Heavy Jazz Funk, Psych Jazz Rock
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The Soul Media led by saxophonist Jiro Inagaki, supported by horn section & strings, in another important japanese Jazz Rock chapter from 1971, including Heavy Rock, Jazz Funk & Pyschedelic Music. The formation expands with the introduction of new members, two prominent actors of the progressive & experimental japanese rock '70 scene, Kimio Mizutani (in groups Sound Limited, The Beat Generation) & Hiro Yanagida (Shinki Chen & His Friends, April Fool), the female rock singer Sammy & special guest Masahiko Sato in person. Titles include the two Wandering Birds sung by Sammy, Do It! , the psychedelic trip "Parajika" & the funky On the Grass both feat. Masahiko Sato..........

Heavy funk from Japan's Soul Media combo – and one of the group's great 70s outings with the engimatic Sammy on vocals! Sammy's got this raw, raspy style that might owe a bit to Janis Joplin at times – but also nods strongly to the work of the American underground at others – more than able to stretch out with the fierce sounds of the group on the record, especially when they take on some trippy or more freaked-out styles! The drums are often nice and bold, and the electric instrumentation is very well integrated with a tight horn section that gives the tunes plenty of punch – and titles include "After Noon", "On The Grass", "Wandering Birds", "Parajika", and "Hyakunen Tattara.........

Led by saxophonist Jiro Inagaki Japanese band SOUL MEDIA is an important part of the Tokyo-rock scene of the early 70-ies. Their music carries a furious charge Hardy psychedelic, jazz, funk and much more. On this record there are Japanese stars of different sizes, for example Kimio Mizutani, played by then SOUL LIMITED and THE BEAT GENERATION. Or Hiro Yanagida - famous keyboardist, master Hammond organ and member APRIL FOOL and SHINKI CHEN & HIS FRIENDS. Also worth noting is a singer under the name of Sammy and "speshl a guest" - Masahiko Sato.

01. Wandering Birds (Interlude) (6:41)
02. After Noon (6:06)
03. Parajika (5:31)
04. Do It! (7:29)
05. On the Grass (3:35)
06. Hyakunen Tattara (3:05)
07. Wandering Birds (5:39)

Jiro Inagaki _tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Tsunehide Matsuki & Kimio Mizutani _guitar
Hiro Yanagida _organ
Hideaki Takebe _bass
Kiyoshi Tanaka _drums
Masahiko Sato _moog synthesizer
Sammy & Sawada Yasushi _vocal

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