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19 Mar 2017

Kabouter “Chismus” 1970 Dutch Private Psych Acid Folk

Kabouter “Chismus” 1970  Dutch Private  Psych Acid Folk

Kabouter is the dutch word for hippie. It was a protest movement in the 60s. Musically this album is sometimes reminecent of Boudewijn de Groot, but more versatile. Some songs are with female vocals (not background). The basis is accoustic guitars with added electric guitars, flutes and other instruments. Some songs are in English and some are in Dutch. Very rare!…….
Nico Denhoorn’s lyricist and composer of some 200 songs. He was also secretary of the leprechaun consulate Amsterdam. During an inter-ministerial council meeting it was decided that Nico could make an album around “Leprechaun ideas.” Together with singer Minneke Walstra released the album Leprechaun catechism on a private label. At one time project were the guitar and flute arrangements Benny Ludeman. on the back of the cover, printed on the headline that read: “If the BVD had been allowed to censor leprechaun chisum, it had become a white lp…………
Kabouter Chismus was a short-lived project of Dutch singer-songwriter Nico Denhoorn (who died last year), who also made a private pressing solo album during that time, and singer Minneke Walstra. Nico Denhoorn later also became a writer of Dutch marginal literature. 

This record represents a certain Dutch hippie movement that started out in the early sixties called Provo. Provo in Holland was one of the first worldwide movements of youth culture created in 1964 and in a way precedes many of the later proper hippie movements of America. It was very much influenced by Beat Generation writers, Marquis de Sade, Dada and anarchism. The Provo generation were one of the first generations to question environmental problems, challenge conservatism and advocate for women emancipation and progressive acadamic innovations in post-war Europe. 

When the provo movement somewhat vanished in the same way Dada had decades earlier it gradually transformed into a movement in which people called themselves Kabouters, meaning Gnomes. basically the Kabouters took the provo mentality further into the years to come. They called The Netherlands Oranje Vrijstaat, which means Orange Free State, opposing the monarchy and wars western countries were engaging in during cold war. During that time Amsterdam was globally regarded as a liberal hippie capital. Its reputation of freedom to smoke weed and absolute freedom for gays is also rooted in this era. 

Kabouter Chismus is a band that incorporates all these countercultural elements from Holland. The songs are sung in Dutch and English and deal with emancipatory subjects of the sixties. It’s a combination of typical pop songs and acid folk songs. A real counter-cultural pearl from The Netherlands with an emphasis on Amsterdam as Kabouter City………….

A1 Ze Zeggen
A2 Water-Song
A3 Amsterdam-Kabouterstad
A4 Bobby Dylan (Intermezzo)
A5 Opzeg-Liedje (Voor Kleine Kabouters)
A6 Love To Hobit
A7 Mag Dat Nou In Diensttijd
B1 Road To Nowhere
B2 Autoriteit
B3 Make A Choice (Intermezzo)
B4 We Kunnen Niet Buiten Elkaar
B5 Amsterdam, Where It All Begins
B6 Mrs. Sun
B7 Kabouter-Kantate 

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