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19 Mar 2017

Kamæleon “Kamæleon” 1978 Danish Jazz Rock Fusion Contemporary Jazz

Kamæleon “Kamæleon” 1978 Danish Jazz Rock Fusion Contemporary Jazz

Danish Jazz-Rock quintet,performing from late-70’s to early-80’s.They were formed in Aarhus in 1975 under the forces of pianist Fini Hostrup,bassist Jens Jefsen and guitarist Uffe Steen Jensen.Along with drummer Poul Poulsen and percussionist Steen Rahauge they recorded their self-titled debut between February and March 78’,released the same year on Amar Records.

The sound follows the vein of many North-European Jazz-Rock bands of the time. Tropical, breezy and light-hearted instrumental Jazz-Rock with plenty of Funk thrown in and with a fairly commercial side.The playing is rather hypnotic,too soft and predictable with no particular interplays and rather in a slow tempo.The rhythm section remains steadily in the background and the percussion work is hard to be indicated.Guitars have often a bluesy color with a couple of nice leads,some of Hostrup’s electric piano parts shines through,but there is an evident lack of energy and adventure,basic elements of good Jazz-Rock.

“Kamaeleon” speaks straight to the heart of the die-hard Jazz and Jazz-Rock fan,but unfortunately with no intention to approach a wider audience.Harmless background music,far from being essential…….by……..apps79………
Fini Høstrup (keyboards) 
Jens Jefsen (bass) 
Steen Råhauge (percussion) 
Uffe Steen Jensen (guitar) 
Poul Poulsen (drums)

A1. Arabesque 5:08
A2. Orkestergraven 4:17
A3. Sovende muler 3:58
A4. Arstidens salat 7:10
B1. Den lille glade kamel 4:22
B2. Streamer 5:00
B3. Meget gerne 5:07
B4. Salamander 4:41 

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