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17 Mar 2017

Ken Little "Solo" 1973 US Psych Hard Rock

Ken Little "Solo" 1973 US Psych Hard Rock


Kenneth (Ken) Little is a songwriter and vocalist from Chicago, who was taken care of by Mr. Harvey Mandel himself. He and Perry Johnson became the producers of Ken's first and only record, which was named extremely simply and modestly "Solo". The album was released on the label "Dharma". When recording ten tracks of the album Kenu played along three different compositions. One of the most interesting musicians who collaborated with Ken is a unique album with a huge track record of Don "Sugarcane" Harris (Don Francis Bowman Harris), a famous American rock and roll guitarist and violinist, who in 1972-1973 was also noted in Harvey's solo album Mandel. Other musicians include John Camelot (keyboards), Detroit Junior (pianos), Gordon Johnson (drums), Rick Macowski (drums), Danny Martin (bass guitar), Frank Mustari (guitar), Joe Parenti (drums), Ron Ramelli (harmonica, keyboards, vocals, he is listed on the envelope as "one friend"?), Oak Shultz (keyboards), Hubert Sumlin (guitar) and Norman Wagner (guitar). Ken's co-authors in writing several songs for the album were Wagner, Camelot and Schultz. By the way, together with Wagner, Ken participated in the project "Get Off In Chicago" (Ovation, 1973) under the aegis of the same Mandel, where he used 16 Chicago musicians. The bootlegger reissue of "Solo" was performed in 1986 (Breeder 566, Austria). Ken was noted for an album as rare as his solo album, Ken Little And The Spoon River Band, titled "Leanin 'On The Bar" (1976).........

Kenneth Little — vocals 
Norman Wagner — guitar (04-06, 08-10) 
Frank Mustari — guitar (01-03, 07) 
Hubert Sumlin — guitar (05) 
Danny Martin — bass (01-03, 07) 
Don «Sugarcane» Harris — violin, background vocals (04-06, 08-10) 
Detroit Junior — piano (05) 
Ron Ramelli — harmonica, keyboards, background vocals (01-03, 07) 
John Camelot — keyboards ((04-06, 08-10) 
Oak Shultz — organ (01-03, 07) 
Gordon Johnson — drums (01-03, 07) 
Rick Macowski — drums (04-06, 08-10) 
Joe Parente — drums (05) 
Perry Johnson — producer (01-03, 07) 
Harvey Mandel — producer ((04-06, 08-10)

A1 Trusting Fool 7:13 
A2 China Doll 3:24 
A3 You Said 3:29 
A4 An Oyster 3:38 
A5 Take Life Easy 2:53 
B1 Suntoad 4:43 
B2 Don't Tell Me 4:42 
B3 Snive Circus Look 3:21 
B4 Mohair Shapiro 4:12 
B5 My Name

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