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7 Mar 2017

Kex "Kex" 1969 -71 Hungary Prog Psych 1999

Kex  "Kex" 1969 -71 Hungary Prog Psych 1999
Released in 30 years, the collection of the legendary rock band Kex (cookies). In the "life" was not released a single record. The band was created in December 1968 by guitarist and vocalist Janos Baksa-Soos. Often they opened the concerts of the band Illes, but their music was so unusual that the audience did not understand it - everything was built on improvisation and eccentricity. Since the band did not have an official status, Kex sold one single and 4 songs were recorded on the radio. In the fall of 1971 Baksa-Soos stayed in West Germany and the group practically ceased to exist. On this CD, in 30 years, the whole legacy of the band was released. Styles-peculiar psycho-prog................

- Have not you heard? - My friend gasped night twenty years ago. Red blood from wine pronged eyes hopped hesitantly, wondering how seriously can értetlenségemet. He searched for words to express his indignation, and worthy of the then dug flashy kindness graying beard. Then he waved his hand, huddled at the bottom of the bookcase featured one disc from the disc and fölügyeskedte. - Here's your family .
1968 foundation of the thirtieth anniversary of KEX again met with members of the group that after the first and so far only carried prepare the recruitment of former guard large numbers disk. Director András Kisfaludy - the band's drummer - of course, took the opportunity, and set the camera to all those who are involved or as a fan could remember their productions. It was not a simple conversation with studios, shot on the spot, to revive the atmosphere of the events and as storytellers tell a story átéltebb induce. Seeing the múltidézők dreaming eyes and hearing the voice of heated excitement seems unnecessary for your efforts. List them the word without question, and their claim to one of the great élményükről about. Gestures, posture, tension emanating lényükből refers fateful moments recall, he confirmed our hypothesis that the performances - which have been part of students and - just as they hit the art of Rilke yardstick. The KEX members (such as the recently deceased guitarist Attila Imre) and occasional assistants: Gyula Babos, Hobo declared biased and peers as the best years of their youth cited as the first and perhaps the greatest success of their harvested. Their involvement is a sea of ​​personal experience must have been beyond what the creative spark (Doleviczényi Nicholas, a pianist with a huge bunch of these), and the rest is hardly doubt testimonies. Peter Makara and Laszlo Najmányi, Ildikó and thirsty George, John Seed and Laszlo Méhes, Balasko and Jeno Szabo Gyula Pauer - just to mention a few of them - unanimously testify to the magic power of these actions.

The miracle can know very little about the nature, although they are working to raise awareness as something that happened to them. Just do not tell the story, but also gestures and imitating hanghordozásukkal also played in the incident. The viewer can only stare at this farce, he guesses, so what fűlhettek through speakers. In improvisation, but the setting and lighting According to preliminary repeatedly lepróbált theater performances stupid poénjain fanyalog, pub hőbörgésektől pull the nose preschooler pranks fret. Just do not pretend to believe: that's buzgott only today's generation's sense of fifties source of? There is no denying, grotesque position of youth were former rebels. All of them are deep in the mature adulthood, against which so brazen courage once hatched, and highly undignified, hence the need to explain their offspring: who they were and what they wanted. Obese body, wrinkled-faced, bald or gray-headed, respectable prosperous society mingled with artists Regel resistance romantikájáról and renewal of the glories of the world. Retired rock star talks about starting a career affliction, an influential politician reported megveretésének unforgettable adventure of a recognized creative aspirations and named the former, according to scientists appointed by their rules of aesthetics.

What an absurdity is it? Documents aid of pörgetnénk back in time, even though it was ages air, the atmosphere can be created only in our imagination rebuilt. If élesztgetik is memory, what comes to us from? In the fifties and sixties born relatively easily ráhangolódhatnak the múltidézők wavelength, after all, which of them do not have police experience? If they turned ever voluntary penal camp Ifiparknak called the baton Rhine does not need to be disclosed separately, but what do we do to this hagymázas látományokkal younger people who are not only fun sensitive and suspicions, what is the knife in the air if fölcsendül the Green -yellow song ? Today's inexplicable eyes of the former homo ludens silly games. Maybe not enough to shame a youth advocate eltotyakosulni, there is hope for applause produkciójukért vile? When any radio or television cabaret tastier, zaftosabb, occasionally coarse jokes encounter, why is the excitement and why this fuss? Doubts effective, innovative answer could give only the original productions. Let the parodies, improvisations, performances and happenings, what are today! But with a few exceptions (such as George Thirsty Fairy Beautiful girl in and Márta Mészáros Nice girls do not cry ja) did not survive the motion picture and sound recording of the band. András Kisfaludy just rely on memory, recalling ability, even though they are nowhere near ideal picture of poetical power. In fact, the vanished in a boat in the wind as little as about KEXről the respondents. The title is misleading because, instead of the spirit of the band, Baksa Soos get acquainted with John. He cited a person to quote, wearing things are discussed. Without it there is no performance, and all that matters is what he is doing, both on stage and on the street. His life continued appearances, if you can believe the witnesses unanimous assertion, boldness, keeping exemplary. Think about the environment and teaches the whole being warned of the lack of freedom. What's left for us? - You ask - just at the heart of our faith! As a pure heart quoting, generation of creed as it sounds.

While legends tell us this is not particularly tall handsome young man of courage, they could hardly have been instrumental in provoking street performances to the dictatorship of the masters of irony attention. Laszlo believes Najmányi law if you do not go out in time, beaten to death. Its importance shows that in 1971, after the departure of the capital frighteningly empty for six years after a prolonged lack of freedom illusion that Citadellabeli or cocktail cruise offered performances. Intuitive location of these elections, the delimitation testify: the farther existing socialism! Weakness just could desire appearances repugnance mixture, turning to face extreme deprived the wider contacts contingencies. Alexander folding camera work precision cartography: the city center and the upscale district of Buda are limited to Baksa world. Proponents of would-be intellectuals, mostly artists from home and seedlings are relatively well let go. For them, no worries nightclub and a buy-one natural that the nest can accompany their favorites. Once pushed out territóriumukból Zuglo, the eladdig hostile police must protect the physical integrity from attacks by fellow puzzled generations. Which casts some light on the serious social equality in society lingering tensions even as the political guiding principle of the internal affairs bodies operate closely monitored: divide and conquer!

For obvious reasons prefer the latter asserted his memory, and their words even more urgent every director is a catch: the recently unearthed intelligence reports, statements and actions dramatized reading. Thus szituálna András Kisfaludy, and sometimes even manage to recall the hushed atmosphere, but it's no substitute for viewers of missing contextual knowledge, without which, however, incomprehensible and particularly unpalatable ones for each episode. As Baksa Soos during the dictatorship, we have been trapped in a world of his backhand. Admiration is increasingly a foreign champion, rather than our predecessors and spiritual leaders about. Almost angelic clown we were inclined to see in him, who is the eternal youth of magnetic purity of our being abominable filth rises above daily when ethereal fantasy lofty ideals are roughly transverse to the core of reality. The last moments of the second hour of the film confronted with a surprise thin, withered, whimsical figure who not only homeland, changed name, profession (fairy-tale sculptures farigcsál lately), but age well. If it would like to be different kábítós fazonírozta over these warring vénüléssel örökifjút. Just like Jacob with the angel, they wrestle and did not have each other. The fluttering gestures, mischievous smile and the will of the soul is still reminiscent of the past, göbösödő the muscles of the skull and hegyesedő megtompult terms, however, has been in old age. the number of years dictated to laugh or cry to it. Terrible sight, disgraceful scandal.

The lack of any history of art reproduced artwork. If you do not stimulate our imagination, full vision, vision may not evoke suggestive elibénk, dry and factually remains a stranger. What is that to us, if not for our youth? Re-Creation and maybe not even értethetjük without recording a single decade later, we can associate the cause and source of experiences to others. Pathetic old man will be out of us, certainly benyomásainkkal we are alone and no longer taszigálhat back into the public consciousness of any living tribute commemoration. Customized closing our time and our people drop out of the broader Historia memory. DEHA is a big problem if our hearts and our faith been captured? In addition to the work what else can we back yet? Gone a boat in the wind .....Kisfaludy András: Elszáll...........

Baksa-Soós János – ének,gitár;
Bianki Iván – gitár, cselló;
Doleviczényi Miklós – zongora,gitár,fuvola;
Imre Attila – basszusgitár, ének;
Kisfaludy András – dob.

01 - Tiszta szivvel (3:16)
02 - Pirosmadar (6:15)
03 - Elszallt egy hajo a szelben (3:55)
04 - Deva var (2:59)
05 - Orszagut szelen (2:14)
06 - Budos sajt (4:44)
07 - Csalad (3:36)
08 - Csillagok (3:23)
09 - A hetedik (4:28)
10 - Zold-sarga, zold-sarga... (3:07)

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