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25 Mar 2017

Klaus Lenz Band "Wiegenlied" 1977 Germany Jazz Fusion Contemporary Jazz

Klaus Lenz Band  "Wiegenlied" 1977 Germany Jazz Fusion Contemporary Jazz

Rare german first pressing released on the unknown “Vinyl Records” label. His most complex seventies Prog Jazz Fusion record with a superb line up - very talented musicians throughout! ……………

Klaus Lenz (March 22, 1940 in Berlin) is a German jazzmusician, bandleader and composer, mainly in the style of modern jazz. He lived in the GDR until 1977 and is considered the Nestor of the GDR jazz scene. Many famous artists such as Manfred Krug, Günther Fischer, Reinhard Lakomy, Henning Protzmann (Karat), Günter Baby Sommer and Ulrich Gumpert learned the musical handicrafts and played with him successful albums. Klaus Lenz played with constantly changing occupations, a testimony of his permanent search for new musical expressions. With each formation he reached a high standard. In addition to his involvement as a jazz musician, he composed in the pop area, he arranged for renowned orchestras and wrote film and theater music, including the DEFA films Hochzeitsnacht im Regen (1967), Käuzchenkuhle (1968), Mit mir nicht, Madam! (1969), Sleeping Beauty (1970), He, Du! (1970) and the Stülpner legend (1972/1973)……………

Klaus Lenz - trumpet 
Axel-Glenn Muller - alto & soprano sax, flute, bass clarinet 
Reiner Gabler - alto & tenor sax (A1, B1, B4) 
Axel Gothe - baritone sax, alto flute, percussion 
Mathias Pflugbeil - trumpet 
Signor Rothbart - flugelhorn 
Bernd Swoboda - trombone 
Hannes Bauer - trombone 
Wolfgang Fiedler - Fender piano, piano, ARP-synthesizer, melotrone 
Christian Pittius - Hohner piano, ELKA keyboard, mini moog 
Jurgen Kratzenberg - Fender bass 
Jurgen Resnizcek - Fender bass (A1, B1, B4) 
Dieter Erhardt - drums 
Detlev Kebler - drums (A1, B4) 
Wolfgang Schneider - drums (B1) 

A1. Tarantel 
A2. Octopus 
A3. Wiegenlied 
B1. La Fiesta 
B2. Bubblestone 
B3. The Old New Way 
B4. Say It To You Tomorrow 

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