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13 Mar 2017

Le Gong Du Balayeur “Pas Important"1981 France Prog

Le Gong Du Balayeur “Pas Important"1981  France Prog
Obscure French band Le Gong Du Balayeur released one album in 1981 that mixes several elements, namely some folk with a whimsy and humorous Zappaesque style reminiscent of fellow countrymen Komintern and Ma Banlieue Flasque. The musicians are Michel Puyau , Sylvain Richardot , Bernard Lubat . They met when Sylvain wrote a poem book called Le Gong Du Balayeur and was looking for an illustrator for it and thus met Michel who was one. This encounter lead to them teaming up to write music and songs together and to form the group. In 1985 they merged with another band, Le Mécanophone, to form Chanson Plus Bifluorée


Absolutely unknown, experimental, underground group of the early 80's, from Po-city and commune in the south-west of France, inspired by Michel Puyau and Sylvain Richardot, later, in 1985, merged with another group - Le Mécanophone, and Then became the founders of the comedy band Chanson Plus Bifluorée. Officially, the band consisted of John Leglidu (acoustic guitar, vocals), Captain Latortue on bass, Samuel Noise (electric and 12 string guitar), Billy Boy (keyboards, vocals) and Bernard Lubat on drums (percussion), the last Played with a single-player performer Pascal Duffard.

Most of the named names and surnames are pseudonyms, including Puyau and Richardot also hide behind them. In general, the two met when Sylvain wrote a poetic collection called "Le Gong Du Balayeur" and looked for an illustrator for him, as a result of which he met Michel, who was so. This meeting will lead to their further joint pastime, to compose music and songs, and also to form a group. Le Gong Du Balayeur released only this one album, combining several elements, namely some folk tunes in a humorous, Zappa style, reminiscent of the works of their one-album compatriots Komintern and Ma Banlieue Flasque.........

 Early-80's completely obscure French band from Pau, in which Michel Puyau and Sylvain Richardot, later to be found in the line-up of Chanson Plus Bifluoree, were involved.However in their sole 1981 album ''Pas important'' Puyau appears only as the creator of the layout and Richardot's name is absent.The line-up consisted of John Leglidu on acoustic guitar/vocals, Captain Latortue on bass, Samuel Noise on guitar, Billy Boy on keyboards/vocals and Bernard Lubat on drums, the last one had played previously next to Pascal Duffard.Propably most of them were pseudonyms and Puyau and Richardot were hidden behind these fake names.
Musically Le Gong du balayeur were as weird as their name, they played something close to satirical/theatrical Rock with ANGE cross-references, albeit less symphonic and more on the humurous side of Art Rock music.They were definitely quite progressive, especially considering the time of the album's release, and their music contained a vast palette of instrumental colors, mainly performed with psychedelic, poppy, progressive and jazzy influences, over a horizon of expressive, theatrical vocals.But, while voices played a major role in their execution, Le Gong du balayeur had also a nice instrumental depth with complex themes and lots of twists, including laid-back keyboard/guitar battles, symphonic synthesizers, ZAPPA-esque turns from Blues to Jazz to Pop, while the atmosphere ranges from funny moods to dramatic/romantic passages.As aforementioned they had a unique vocal handling with poetic, satirical and humouristic edges and the amalgam of music and singing parts was definitely genuine.''Le vieil homme'', the 12-min. epic track of the album, comes a bit closer to the standard lines of French Prog, a bit like LAURA, SYNOPSIS and OPALE, with inventive guitar runs and strong keyboard moves over an atmosphere of melodramatic and quirky singing, very good piece.

Their history is rather mysterious until year 1985, when they united forces with another group, Le Mecanophone, and gave birth to Chanson Plus Bifluoree, which followed more or less a similar style with a more thunderous tendency towards humor music.

Rare but pretty nice French Prog, a bit different than the bulk of French bands, having a satirical mood but also containing some lovely instrumental apps79 .....................

 - Michel Puyau / vocals, guitars
- Sylvain Richardot / vocals, keyboards, guitar

1. Pour Une Fois
2. A Cheval
3. Pas Important
4. Plonge
5. Le Soleil
6. Le Vieil Homme

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