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3 Mar 2017

Light Of Life Group “Hamartia Rockoratorium” 1971 German Private Psych Rock Kraut Rock

Light Of Life Group “Hamartia Rockoratorium” 1971 German Private Psych Rock Kraut Rock
Privately-released album by German underground band release in 1971. All lyrics are sung in German language. From a musical point of view, this production has a wide range of sounds - from hard funky drum breaks, fuzz guitar-Garage, Psychedelic Rock to Folk Music with female & very unique male vocals. This sounds a lot like a germanic krauty version of the album "Mass In F Minor" by the Electric Prune, but the production is a lot more farout than what David Axelrod produced for the Prunes. Perfect item for collectors of odd Kraut vinyl..............

A bit overlong (just over 50 minutes in total), and a bit inconsistent, and the bad stuff here's pretty bad/silly, but there's some very interesting stuff going on throughout this. I can't think of any one album to compare it to either. It's got some spoken word, but unlike a lot of late 60s/early 70s albums with spoken word throughout, it takes a backseat to the music about 80% of the time. Which is refreshing. There's some slightly duller schlager and pop and psych pop through this, but there's also a lot of very tasty fuzzy psych rock bordering on heavy psych in a few places. Some killer freakout sections as well. And it gets boring like... twice. Which again, for an overlong album, is pretty damn good. 

I'll say this, someone NEEEEEEEEEEDS to reissue this thing. It's not just difficult to find: the copy you'll probably end up finding doesn't do the album much service.

A1 Ouvertüre 
A2 Seit Gott Die Menschen 
A3 Instrumental 
A4 Getrennt 
A5 Schlagzeugsolo 
A6 Mit Schrecken 
A7 Herr, Ich Bin Schlecht Vor Dir 
A8 Der Verlorene Sohn 
A9 Die Meisten Menschen 
A10 Gott Selber 
B1 Die Kluft Ist Überwunden 
B2 Die Spinne 
B3 Versöhnung 
B4 Psalm 32 
B5 Das Kreuz 
B6 Wiedergeburt 
B7 Gebet 
B8 Groß Und Wunderbar Sind Deine Worte

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..